Monday, June 13, 2011

The 2011 ANLD Behind the Scenes Garden Tour, Part 1

What are you doing Saturday, June 18th? If you live in the Portland area you should seriously consider attending the 2011 ANLD (Association of Northwest Landscape Designers) Behind the Scenes Garden Tour (be sure to click on the link and read the garden profiles with before and after pictures!). The tour features eight gardens designed by members of the ANLD, proceeds from the tour benefit scholarship programs for landscape design students at local community colleges (tickets are $20 and there is a list of nurseries selling tickets on this page). I was invited to take part in a pre-tour held last week. The best part of this tour is there is something for everyone…is your garden on an urban lot, mostly filled by your home, yet you want a lush private back garden and setting area? There is a garden for you. Are you a plant fanatic and needing hints on how to work all of your plants into a cohesive design? Check. What if the only place you have to garden is on a steep slope? You’ll want to see the garden with extensive stone terracing. There is even a bit of voyeuristic seeing “how the other half lives” touring to be done in Lake O$wego. The Oregonian’s Kym Pokorny did an excellent post about the tour last week, and tomorrow you’ll be able to read Jim McMausland from Sunset Magazine’s take on the tour. In the mean time my post today is a random collection of photos from the six of the eight gardens on the tour. Tomorrow I’ll feature the two gardens that really stood out for me, after all we all have our own personal style and plant interests and these were the ones I’ll keep thinking about for some time, come back tomorrow for lots more pictures!


  1. Fabulous photos! I can't wait to see part 2.

  2. I so wanted to do this tour when I read about it earlier this year. Unfortunately there's just too much happening that weekend already (including Father's Day) so I'll have to content myself with Kim's and Jim's and your accounts and photos. Between you three it's already being beautifully described!

  3. How cool...I hadn't heard of this (yikes, I'm in the dark!). Will definitely try to make it this weekend...can't wait to see your faves!

  4. Gorgeous gardens Loree! It's also good to get behind the scenes on how the gardens have been conceptualised and created, and get plenty of ideas to bring home too. Looking forward to part 2!

  5. Lucky you to get a pre-tour. I had a real hard time taking pics on the tour I went on last week, too many people in the view finder.

  6. These are fantastic photos of beautiful gardens..I'll be back for part two as well.

  7. I'm a member of ANLD and we are so grateful for your support of our Garden Tour. Proceeds of the tour support landscape design programs at three local area community colleges.

  8. Grace, thank you!

    MulchMaid, don't you hate that when you've got to choose which fun things to do?

    scott, glad I could help get the word out!

    Mark and Gaz, most of the designers spoke about the process of creating the garden, it was great to hear!

    Les, for sure! While there were still quite a few people milling about I'm sure it was nothing like it will be on tour day.

    Darla, thank you for stopping by!

    Roger, I hope the tour has a wonderful turn out!


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