Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Running an errand downtown recently I parked on a street I’ve never parked on before, that's where I spied these… WANT! Oh my gosh do I want these planters! You have no idea how much. Maybe if I share a photo of our (recently painted and fabulously green) front door you’ll understand… Or if I share a photo of the bright green planter on our patio table you’ll see my obsession. Don’t these just belong at my house, in the danger garden, all planted up with bright spiky succulents? Damn right they do! Too bad they aren’t destined to be mine, even if they were for sale I'm sure they are beyond my price range.


  1. *Rust-O-Leum* *hinthint* ;)

  2. Girl, you give up too easy! Kidnap one and hold it hostage until they agree to release the others cheap. Or launch a smear campaign on the business until they sell them cheap. Or...I'll keep mulling this over. (Seriously, just ask them where they got them. Or when they're ready to change the display, if they'd sell them to you, at which point you give them free publicity on your blog by planting them up for the Danger Garden.)

  3. I covet your house color scheme. Those planters should be yours!

  4. I love the long tom style, too.
    Very cool.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Mary C. Why not find some cool pots and spray paint them? How cool would they look with your awesome green door?

  6. I think they must be yours... somehow ?

  7. You'll find a way...

    And wonderful to see a full reveal shot of the house and your fabulous front door! It looks great! (We have Mitch lined up for August!)

  8. OMG...yeah...I walk by those every day and have wanted to abscond with them since the moment they put them out there! that orangey Aloe!

  9. Great minds think alike or at least like similar colors. Your door and those planters go well with my living room. ;-)

    Seriously, I hope you can get some of your own. Maybe you can just ask where they were purchased from.

  10. Mary, funny you should mention that! Just the day before I was brandishing a can of that very product. Alas it was black, not bright happy apple green.

    Denise, I would need a crew of 5 burly men to kidnap! I do like you last suggestion though...

    Heather, your house is white too right? (ours used to be) When you're ready to paint I've still got the swatches (and small jars of tester paints) which you are welcome to!

    Jenn, yes! Their exaggerated silhouette is definitely part of the appeal.

    Grace, I will not rule out this possibility...but I have discovered that paint on plant containers that have to endure all sorts of weather (and moisture from the inside) tends to fail pretty quickly.

    linda, yes...but legally.

    MulchMaid, yay! Glad to hear does this mean you've selected a color? (and yes...I was holding off for a big "tahdah" post on the house but went ahead and slipped this one in).

    scott, bummer. I was kind of hoping I could hit you up to be my spy and let me know if they were showing any signs of movement, but now I know we are in competition! (love the aloe too...from the Rare Plant Research open house).

    Bom, mine too! (living room) Actually we have the front door open a lot and thus the door itself becomes part of the living room. Luckily the paint color almost matches the green on our fireplace. Thank god my husband loves green too.

  11. Green is a cool color which complements the outdoor of the house is mostly a warm yellowish cream. I have it all around. In the living room, two walls are green (half of one wall is green and the other wall 3/4s). In the dining room, two walls (1 whole and the other 1/4). Kitchen is the same. Some shelves and tiles are also green.

  12. Can you please share the color of your green front door? It's lovely!


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