Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One easy way to protect your tender plants…

Since yesterdays post was almost a full length novel I thought today I would take it easy on you with just a quick photo of how Patricia (the mysterious (non-blogging) third partner at plant lust) is protecting her new tender plant purchases she hasn’t had time to get in the ground. An old fashioned styrofoam cooler! Genius! And timely too since we are predicted to experience record cold temperatures this week and possibly even snow. Of course this is where I complain about the fact that I’m planning to drive to Seattle for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show late in the week. Two things I hate…being away from my garden when it’s really cold…(thank god my husband is up for a little plant care) and driving in the snow…why this week mother nature!? Have you no compassion for gardeners!!?

Oh and this means we get the special garden-death-double-whammy this winter. An out of the blue early deep deep freeze (potentially killing plants that hadn’t yet gone dormant) and a late deep freeze damaging plants that have already come out of dormancy. What was I saying yesterday about loving living in Portland?


  1. Grace was just sharing that ya'll might receive snow..I do hope they are wrong..and do be careful if you have to drive in it!

  2. Foam containers. Perfect idea. I wish I had one big enough to insulate my entire backyard for the remainder of this week. Do be careful on your drive to Seattle. I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. Interesting - wonder how it'd do flipped over and covering an in-ground plant. Will have to ponder the possibilities...

  4. Hahaha...that is great...I've resorted to re-covering every plant I can with oak leaves I'd previously removed when I thought we were in the clear...that'll learn me :-(

  5. Darla, I hope they are too!!! So far so good but tonight could be another story.

    Grace, that would be wonderful wouldn't it!

    RBell, I bet it could really help. I've got frost cloth and/or burlap over a few with a upended terra cotta pot over it because that's what I had on hand...I bet a cooler would be way better.

    Scott, darn toot-in!


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