Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow day! On February 24th...

A few pictures of my garden this morning... It was snowing pretty heavy at 6am and starting to stick on the roads, however it has since warmed and is starting to melt. The sledding hill in the park down the street is now practically bare but that isn't stopping the kids (Portland Public Schools were canceled today).


  1. It's too close to Spring for this! The photos are beautiful though.

  2. It's about the same here. Snow off and on and slightly warming temperatures. I'm scared about how low the temps are going to go though. Beautiful shots!

  3. Brrrrr...Beautiful! Can't wait for spring though.

  4. gorgeous shots. Loved the snow and wished it had lasted a wee bit longer.

  5. Looks like you got more snow than we did a few weeks ago. It's always exciting in our mild-winter climates, isn't it, even if we worry for our plants?

  6. I love the cactus paddles and the snow, together. Such an odd combination!

  7. Darla, Isn't that the truth!

    Grace, We are done with winter now right?

    Aerie-el, me too!

    Nancy, you and Megan are in the same camp. Me...if I never saw another flake that would be fine.

    Pam, I dunno, this late it's just more of a nuisance (I'm a bah humbug aren't I?)

    Denise, the opuntia are remarkably cold hardy too!


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