Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter White

What you were expecting snow?
No…none to be found in Portland this Christmas, which is fine with me.
Instead peeling bark, seed pods, and expired fruit and blooms are setting the winter scene.


  1. lacy, light and lovely as snowflakes!

  2. Are those lacy receptacles the expired fruit? I've never seen anything like it. Amazing.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos!
    Portland looks so sunny!

  4. Don't you just LOVE living in the PNW? I'll take our white Christmas over the traditional any day. Nice shots!

  5. Lovely images, Loree. I'll take the Northwest with this white emphasis...even in winter!

  6. Thanks Chris!

    Janine, and easier to capture with the camera.

    Denise, they are expired tomatillos in a neighbors garden. I've been watching them get lacier (wow that is actually a word) and more beautiful every day.

    Lauren, nice huh? Of course it was a rare day.

    Grace, certainly better than a blizzard.

    MulchMaid, thank you!


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