Monday, December 6, 2010

wine rack…or succulent planter?

It’s no secret I do enjoy a nice glass of wine…but if I were lucky enough to receive this CB2 galvanized wine rack as a Christmas gift there is no chance I would actually use it to house bottles of wine. No this baby is just begging to be used as a succulent planter.
Can’t you see it? Turned so the “tubes” are vertical and the varied heights could accentuate the different colors and types of succulents I would plant in them.

Of course since the open “back” would now be the bottom there would be a little problem-solving required to cap the tubes so that when I picked it up the soil didn't all fall out. But I’m up for the challenge (and I do have a secret weapon…the super clever husband). Or…maybe I could place it in the garden and not worry about capping the tubes! That way I could plant hardy succulents which would stay outside and get excellent drainage.
Do you see it too?

Recently I’ve noticed several creative succulent containers out there in the blogosphere, for example this post on Far Out Flora and this one on Sprig to Twig. I’m curious...what’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever turned into a planter?


  1. Oh I see it !! Husband old work boots are circled at the bottom of the horrible electric pole filled with Sedum...I use all types of things for planters.

  2. Oh yes, Given that you like bromeliads, you could always leave it on its side, fix it to a wall and grow different broms out of it as a vertical planting.

  3. Betcha the super-clever hubby could make the whole thing, plus an extra one for the wine !

  4. Nice, why not use both ends. Hang it like a hanging basket, or place it on the ground... you will have a vertical garden with 2 sides! Yay, can I have one of those please!

  5. i was just over at a friend's house and she had an unadorned, metal chandelier with little circular holders for votives (i think)hanging out back. i told her it would be cool to plant succulents in the votives, especially ones that drape. will post photo on my blog if she puts this together!!

  6. Oh I see it! It's fantastic! I say you get it, plant it , and make sure to blog it! I'd love to see the finished product!

    I love re purposing objects. Last year I turned a fire pit into a planter.

  7. I've been thinking of running to the big box stores for some aluminum venting tubes for pretty much the same thing. I like the matte finish on this one though.

  8. I stumbled on your blog from Far Out Floras and see Evelyn's already here...where have I been! I have a bit of an addiction when succulents are involved...very cool idea for a planter.

  9. Loree, This reminds me of the terra cotta tubes at Dancing Oaks. Remember them? I definitely think your wine rack would make a cool planter. I for one look at all objects with planting in mind.

  10. Ha! I saw this rack in a magazine and thought the exact same thing! Succulent addicts think alike ;)

  11. Darla, what about one of your pumps? (assuming you are the pump wearing type)

    Spiky O, creative thinking!

    ks, ha! My "super clever hubby" is positively going to love that my readers are now suggesting projects for him! As if I wasn't already keeping him busy enough!

    Evelyn, even better drainage on it's side...good idea!

    Janine, so she liked the idea?

    Laura, I remember that! I loved the idea, especially because I am morally opposed to exposing your urban neighbors to eau de campground.

    Denise, brilliant! I bet the tubes will weather to an almost matte finish...especially if I bought them now and left them outside all winter. Yes I will be stealing this idea.

    Mandy, hello fellow addict.

    Grace, ah yes, good memory.

    Suzie, so glad you stopped by so I could find your blog!

  12. Thanks for the shout out! The wine rack would make an awesome succulent container. I think CB2 needs to hire us to test out all their products as plant containers.

  13. I like how you think! I was at home depot and saw 24inch wide galvanized metal trays designed to contain spills from hot water heaters. I immediately saw...big, dramatic succulent trays. What else!

  14. Megan, excellent point! It wouldn't have to cost them anything...they could pay us in free merchandise!

    James, OMG!!! Me too! I seriously was just there over the weekend and saw those exact trays and thought the same thing. You are a genius man!

  15. Step one, fill rack with wine. Step two...drink the wine. Step three, make it a sweet succulent container.


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