Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Call?

It’s no secret that I love summer. I eagerly anticipate its arrival and I squeeze every last drop from it before I’ll admit it’s gone.
I don’t like what I’ve been hearing. Sure, some people have been using the “F” word for weeks now, but I can chalk that up to the fact they’re part of the back to school crowd, or worse, one of those “summer haters” (you know who you are). But the last few days the weather forecasters have been using scary language…“early Fall”… “abnormally cool”… “return to the rains”…an extended weather that forecast reads like the screenplay to a bad horror film.
Since last Friday was predicted to be sunny and 88 degrees I did the logical thing and cleared my schedule; the only thing that I absolutely had to do was enjoy the sun. And I did. And so did the garden.
I did make a quick stop at the market. The cashier asked if I had any plans for the afternoon. I said “enjoy the warm sun while it’s still here”…his response? “It’s time for you to go back to California”…funny…I’m not from California.
I couldn’t take a picture of myself relaxed in this lounge chair, but that’s where I was for a good part of the afternoon. I was remembering a sunny warm Labor Day several years ago (maybe 7?), after mowing the lawn I sat down in this same lounge chair and fell asleep in the warm sun. Something told me it was the last time I would feel the warmth of the sun that summer. And it was. I’m praying this year it is not.


  1. I don't know...if you'd had a summer like we had here in NYC, you might become a summer hater yourself! Gorgeous photos, though, and the light is perfect!

  2. Oh, Loree, I know just what you're feeling. It's the exact same feeling I have in late April when I know that our ferocious summer is just around the corner! (Yes, I'm a summer hater. Guilty! But believe me, we're not talking about the same summer here.)

    The cashier who told you to go back to CA was certainly rude. Funny, but I was thinking---in a much NICER way---that you need to be a snowbird (or maybe rainbird, in your case), and winter down south. Then you'd have the best of both worlds.

  3. I am like you, love the sun, hate the cold. Great pics of sun loving plants.

  4. With the return of the rain i had another four letter "F" word in mind, and it wasn't fall!

    Beautiful garden shots!

  5. Fall in SoCal can bring really hot temps (and fires!), but today hasn't topped 70 deg, with heavy mists. Just feels autumnal. Looks like the danger garden had a fine summer, and hope you get hammered by a heat wave just around the corner!

  6. Summer isn't over! If you believe it in, it will stay!!

  7. Jealous of your lounge chair...really really jealous. Might even pout.

    Wonderful photos ! I love fall, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it yet, as we have yet to experience much in the way of summer. Even the wine grape harvest is off to a slow start.

  8. I would have wanted to pop that cashier in the nose. Tool alert!

    Oh I hear you about taking in every bit of that sun. It's making me angry/frustrated/scared for an early winter to our tiny summer.

    Also, you should know, every time I see a spiky pokey plant at a nursery I think of you and your blog. SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?

  9. Gosh, it better not be last call! We still have hundreds of green tomatoes!


  10. I'm a "summa lova" but the prospect of some of your extended rain sounds really good. Our temperatures here have moderated and the humidity is nicely down, but it is so dry. Dry enough to be angry with hurricanes that skip rapidly out to sea without dropping promised rain.

  11. Hi Stacey, thanks for visiting...and you do have a point. If I had to endure the summer that you guys have I would probably be ready for it to end too. Although now that we have a/c I can both enjoy the garden and sleep at night, even when it's sizzling. Modern conveniences are wonderful.

    Pam, understood! We are not talking about the same summer, you are exempt from my summer hater remark. And I can totally see myself very happy as a rainbird. Someday!

    Thanks Nicole.

    gh1, wasn't yesterday just horrible? Where did that come from!?

    Denise, heat wave! I'll just be happy with sun. As long as the grey skies and rain stay away I can be happy with 70 and sunny. As for you may there be no fires!

    D+N, cause you have a vacation to enjoy!!!

    ks, I love that chair, and in fact I have 2, they were my grandparents. We have pictures of me watching fireworks on the 4th setting in those chairs when I was a kid. Yikes! I hadn't thought about the wine grapes....this is not good.

    LeLo, the conversation led to his talking about how much more productive he is when the skies are grey...the sun makes him tired. What ever! Glad to know you're thinking about danger garden! Now are you buying said plants?

    Wyatt, time to start looking up those green tomato recipes!

    Les, ah...a fellow "summa lova"!! (hehe)...we've got a new record for rainfall now for Sept 7...yesterday we got over .35" I wish I could send some of it your way!

  12. I always look forward to September. Guess how I am feeling about now. I keep being blown away by your photos. Maybe you could teach a class...or at least tell us what camera you are using.

  13. Yes, that dreaded F word. I knew somebody else felt the same way I do about it but I couldn't remember who. I think the people that love fall are the ones who have beastly hot summers, you know? Spring and fall are the only times they can be outdoors. Luckily we have wonderful summers. So here's to many more days of sunshine and mild temperatures. This rain, although I like rain, it really sucks.

  14. ricki, you are kind...and the idea of me teaching a photo class has me laughing, but I do appreciate the sentiment. I enjoy taking photos, and if you take enough your bound to get a good one every once and awhile. These were taken in the early morning, 8-8:30 am, as the sun was coming up, the light was perfect...bright but low and not too harsh. My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot, 12.1 megapixels. Nothing fancy. Small enough that I can always have it with me.

    Grace, oh yes...it's me! I'm the one who hates to see summer slip away. I think I get worse every year. And the rain! Over an 1" in an hour...I was really surprised the garden didn't look worse than it did.


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