Friday, September 3, 2010

A few more pictures from one of my favorite gardens…

Since the evening light was lovely and I was already there taking pictures of the Verbascum blooms I snapped a few more pictures around the Arizona garden. For those of you just tuning in…this garden is right here in Portland, but when I first saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes and dubbed it the ‘Arizona garden’. I took an invited tour last May, pictures are here. It’s looking fabulous don’t you think? Summer has been good to these plants (well, what summer we’ve had here in Portland)…
This sedum is in another garden that I walked past on my way home. The color is so gorgeous it stopped me in my tracks.
So here we are…the big Labor Day weekend ahead! I hope you all have a enjoyable 3-day weekend and don’t forget to sit down for a bit and enjoy the labor you’ve put into creating a garden. That’s what I’m heading out to do right now…


  1. Wow, looks lovely, cant believe those plants do so well in your clime.

  2. Very very nice ! I love to discover those stand-out gardens in the sea of the mediocrity that characterizes gardens in my immediate neighborhood. I may be due for a 'camera walk' soon..

  3. That would be one of my favorite gardens too. Such architectural plants. Texture galore.

  4. What the heck is an Arizona garden doing in Portland? Either way - it's just gorgeous and such a nice change of pace, isn't it? I'm amazed some of those plants can tolerate so much rain (especially the least, that's what I think one of those are...). Don't you just love folks who deny climate change? uh...HELLO!!!

  5. Thank you for this inspiring September visit: it's a fabulous, standout garden without question. I know you wouldn't broadcast the address, but for those of us in Portland struggling to implement even a fraction of that beauty in our gardens, could you give us a couple of cross-streets for coordinates? I'd promise not to bug the residents, or breathe a word about danger garden if spotted gawking!

  6. Wow, Amazing garden. Everything looks so healthy and lush , not at all desert like. Thanks for letting us visit.

  7. Hi Loree, beautiful Arizona garden right in the depths of rainy Portland, amazing! I wonder how their plants did with last winter's cold snap. From the looks of it, everything sailed right through. This is encouraging.

  8. That's breathtaking, a very special garden done by someone with great skill. Thanks for the tour! The 2nd photo...Yucca rostrata? Wonderful specimen.

  9. That's an amazing garden. It is really remarkable that this is Portland! The third picture is stunning! Have a great long weekend! I've been spending mine enjoying the gardens, taking some pictures and plotting where bulbs will be sunk!

  10. Nicole, I know, I feel the same way.

    ks, I can't wait to see what you find!

    gardenwalkgardentalk, well put!

    rebecca, their garden is an anomaly for sure. And the plants aren't just surviving they are thriving!

    MulchMaid, it's in NE's that? No, you're right...I'm not going to broadcast the address but like I did for you if anyone wants to contact me and ask well then if I know you I'll share.

    Lancashire rose, you have a point. It is a Oregon version of a desert garden. I hadn't really thought about the "lush" factor but more the plant choices. Good call!

    Grace, for the most part they did. There were a couple deaths but they made the best of it with new plant choices.

    Hoover Boo, it is! And there are several...

    Laura, thank you....I trust you are having a great weekend too.

    Matti, just like your garden...amazing!

  11. Absolutely fabulous garden! Love how they put all the shapes and colors together! thanks for sharing!

  12. Lovely garden! I want to visit it sometimes. The last flower makes me really amazed with its gorgeous color of pink. I want to have like that in my garden too.


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