Monday, June 14, 2010

WWTT Number 3

I really wanted to like this planting, after all its agaves in gravel. What’s not to love? But really…WWTT?What’s with the agave stuffed into the piece of cement pipe? Are they trying to create better drainage? Add height to this pathetic little planting? WWTT?
Well…yes, since it is in my front garden I guess I can tell you, yes to both. Better drainage and height. I found this old cylinder in an alley and I brought it home. Of course I was concerned that it would look STUPID, but I had to try. It took me a couple of days but eventually I stood there, looking at it and thought…WWIT? What was I thinking? How pathetically dumb. Shortly there after I removed the agave, got rid of the pipe, and planted it directly in the ground.
I still want to bring a cement cylinder element into the front garden. Various heights and widths, but obviously just one little one is not the place to start. Multiples of various sizes will be required to carry this vision through.


  1. Oh I have a couple of cyclinders just sitting/standing around in my gardens. Have tried different plants, none I like so far though. Mine are quite a bit taller than yours, something trailing for me, maybe...

  2. Oh, you mean we can include WWTT vignettes from our own gardens? Criminies, I wouldn't know where to begin.

  3. I like how you turned your WWTT idea on its ear.
    The cement pipe idea definitely has merit. I've seen teracotta drain pipe in three heights snugged up together. With the right plants it looks great. Different widths would be even better.

    Now we know you're cruising alleys looking for good garden stuff. It's amazing what some people throw out.

  4. That is funny! The second I saw the first picture I was thinking, "That sure looks like Loree's garden"...

  5. You have to try to fail, and you must fail to succeed. I would have thought it would have looked awesome too. I like creative pots, but somehow, it just doesn't suit that agave.

    Love the rocks though. Rocks rock.

  6. You should try planting it with an annual like Portulca or maybe a creeping Sedum. That way if you don't like it, you are not as committed.

  7. Use the pipe for smaller succulents, mayb one that trails. It's a nice element, your scale was just wrong with the agave.

  8. Ha! I laughed out loud when I realized you were talking about your own garden. And I was just getting ready to say in a comment that I could see what they were trying to accomplish, and the idea is good. But yes, I think you're right that you need to go bigger, bolder, be even more committed to your vision for it to succeed. No half measures (though easier said than done).

  9. Darla, trailing is a great look! I had the opportunity to buy several clay pipes and thought about it but I think I want to stick to the grey color.

    Denise, somehow I doubt that! Your garden is amazing!

    MulchMaid, once I saw how ugly it really was I had to! Alleys are amazing...but sometimes parking strips yield good finds too! I snagged a galvanized container a while back and will blog about a SUPER find soon!

    D+N, would you have 'outed' me if I hadn't outed myself?

    Laura, indeed.

    Les, good idea! So when are you going to tell us the real story behind the photo on your blog a while back?

    Jenn, agreed about the scale, it was wrong for the overall garden too. Bigger is better in this case!

    Pam, I am on the hunt for a source for cement pipe, when I find it...look out!

  10. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    Did you REALLY get rid of the pipe? Say you didn't! It just needs a better spot, like tucked behind an Acanthus leaf or...? You could grow succulents or rest a shallow water bowl over it. Like Jenn wrote, it's the scale thing, not the pipe itself. Go back and get it, right now. Sorry. I'm awfully bossy aren't I? :)


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