Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you…happiness

Yesterday afternoon I’d just finished mowing the lawn, edging around the pavers, and hosing off all the grass and dirt that these tasks leave behind. Coming back around the corner of the house it hit me, its happening. Winter is over and spring…magic, wonderful, powerful SPRING is here. I’m not talking about the fleeting daffodil and crocus spring but the one with the light that whispers summer. It’s that certain angle of the sun, and the resulting shadows, that for one moment transports you to the days ahead, when you’ll be outside in a t-shirt and flip-flops sipping cool beverages at 9pm…and it will still be light outside, and warm.

This makes me very very happy.

As I stood there soaking it in everything was right in the world and I was truly the happiest person on earth. I wish that moment for all of you, soon.


  1. your yard is BEAUTIFUL! I'm seriously envious of those huge square pavers :) And I"m glad spring is back too


    i hope you keep sharing these seasonal moments, here in the desert of no spring, I live by the reports of the greening and growing that occur so exuberantly elsewhere!

  3. I am enjoying those happy-spring moments too, Loree. I only wish I loved summer as much as you--or that our summers were as pleasant as yours. I think of summer with a measure of dread: having to hide indoors with the A/C, hot, sticky humidity and relentless sun outdoors, and in the evening, when it's cooler, mosquitoes!

    OK, it's not all bad. Lounging in a pool with a drink waiting nearby is pleasant. But I much prefer spring, fall, and Austin's generally mild, pleasant winter to summer. ;-)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I was outside this morning in the dark watering some newly planted vinca plugs. As I worked, the sun rose and even though it wasn't a "sunny" sunrise, it was delightfully invigorating to witness the change. I didn't even get cold!

    So I'm right there with you, Loree - tee shirt and martini weather is within sight!

  5. Wow I love your pavers and edging and how they line up so perfectly. Totally going to "be inspired by" *cough copy cough* that when I have a yard of my own.

  6. That pavement and grass pattern is near-genius.

  7. What an awesome garden. Whats the blueish plant in the back?

  8. :) There should only be 2 seasons - spring and autumn. I love summer but if we have to get rid of extremes, I can life with the 2. Lovely day here too, so I'm going to get out and away from the computer.

  9. Isn't it wonderful!!

    And I still love those pavers!

  10. next time my garden is going to look like THAT

  11. Mary, thank you! I love the pavers too...maybe you have a place that you could work them in?

    Jenn, I will try to keep you seasonally adjusted...sounds like the desert isn't yet working it's charms on you?

    Pam, I wish your summers were lovely too! I guess maybe (just maybe) there is a benefit to our climate?

    Jane, let's toast to summer!

    Andrew, well perfect they aren't but I do appreciate the compliment! Copy all you want!

    Les, near genius? I'll take it!

    Rainforest, thank you! I think the one you are asking about is a Yucca Rostrata, the spiky one?

    Evelyn, while I am all for the getting rid of winter I would really miss summer.

    MTJulie, it is! And thank you!

    ricki, you are very kind.

  12. Hooray for spring! I'm glad you captured and shared that magical moment. I actually prefer spring to summer, truth be told. Just can't take the heat. Although today, with thunder showers rolling through and the 35 degrees the porch thermometer read in the morning, I might change my tune! Happy spring to you!

  13. Hi Loree~~ LOVE your photo. Your back yard definitely looks like spring. I'm happy too.


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