Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Digs, inside and out...

As a result of our pathetic economy my work hours have been cut. Good news: I have more time to do the things I never seem to get around to doing, like stopping at this cute little neighborhood shop called Digs, inside and out.
Bad news: my paycheck is smaller. So I have time to shop….but no money to shop with. This is a sad situation, no?
So imagine how happy I was when I found these 3 orange planters for only $5ea on the Digs sale shelf! I love sale shelves! Plus look at the fabulous packaging they sent me away with, I felt like I was getting a gift! And no worries you ‘green’ people, I will reuse it all so there will be no waste! The oversize bag can be cut up to make wrapping paper, and who can't use fabulous orange tissue paper?
The orange planters are going to mix perfect with my chartreuse planters,
And orange shade pavilion…
I can’t wait for spring! It’s soon right?


  1. Yes, Loree. It's very soon. I'm optimistic we're in for a very mild winter. One can hope. Digs is an immediate draw. Great photo. Talk about eye candy and I'm not that fond of orange. And the pots were a steal. Good eye! I can't wait to see photos of them in place.

  2. What a fantastic find !
    Orange you glad you went shopping !

    Love your combinations too.

  3. Sorry about the downsizing, hope that isn't for too long. That shop looks enticing. Orange planters for cheap, how could you resist? I have been looking for some but not finding any I like/can afford. That is definitely the color du jour and will look great with all your silver agaves and other desert plants.

  4. more time/less money: a conundrum for sure. looks like you are enjoying the extra freedom so far, with your usual elan.

  5. Grace, eye candy for sure! There were several more expensive items I could have happily walked out with...

    DD Michelle, clever word play there ma'm...and yes I am!

    Karen, I am not sure I like being "trendy" (smiley face here) but it's such a happy color it certainly brightens things up! And your right it flatters my favorite plants!

  6. ricki, I'm thinking a little holiday baking will be a good use of this weeks extra time. Or should I try and do some holiday gift shopping? Or maybe wrap the bananas since the garden temperatures are dropping?....(extra time is a good thing)

  7. Great pics. It makes me want to go shopping there today. I'd love to have those orange planters in front of my house.

  8. Sorry to hear about your hours being cut. Make sure you look into unemployment, you can qualify for it for having your hours cut back.

    Looks like a cool store and great wrapping :)

  9. Pam, I'll take you there...when you visit...(hehe). Unfortunately they are not really "out front" size, about 9" tall x 7" around.

    MTJ, thank you, yes...my employer is on the Oregon Work Share program and the HR dept has generously taken care of all the ugly paperwork details!

  10. I just love that shop. Good bargain hunting, not everything there is such a steal. So envious of your work schedule, it sounds like heaven to me. Glad you're enjoying it, as it's sure to be short lived.

  11. wow! What a find! Now I'll have to insist on visiting that place next time I'm up there visiting my kids!!

  12. HI THERE! Thanks so much for such a lovely posting a blog on my humble little shop! I am so glad you enjoyed your shopping experience!

    I too, am an agave junkie with a collection of just over 40 varieties and quite possibly the largest parryi truncata you have ever seen!

    Please say hello next time you are in the shop, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

    I hope your recovery goes smoothly, such a bummer about your accident!

    Have a lovely holiday!

    JJ De Sousa
    Digs inside & out


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