Friday, November 27, 2009

Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' or Japanese Forest Grass

Earlier in the week I made it home before dark on a dry-ish afternoon (a rare occurrence these days) I took advantage and had a look around the garden. I was surprised at the bright golden color the Hakonechloa had taken on. I don’t remember this grass ever adding to the fall garden, seems it has always just looked dead, this year it has these colorful tones.
I love the shaggy look of this grass, this is one of those plants I can’t help but run my fingers through when I see it in the nursery.
Since I started gardening in Portland I think this is the first year I haven’t bought another plant. It was a bit of an addiction…which I think I’ve managed to get in check.


  1. I think it most lovely. This is the first year I've grown it too and so far it has not turned this pretty. It sure does add to your fall garden and looks great with that blue spikey plant.

  2. I love this grass, and the display you have in your last picture is exactly how my garden looks... in my dreams. I (and my garden) seem to have developed a knack for Hakonechloa-icide. Dry, dry, dry is not what this fella likes. Sniff.

  3. My Hakonechloa was looking great the other day too--bright colors I don't remember from before--so maybe something about the weather this year? I wish I'd taken a picture. I meant to, but didn't think about it again until I saw your post. Dang it. Maybe next year.

    Is it wrong to be hoping for snow?

  4. I love Hakonechloa and can't figure out how to make it happy in my own yard. This year it put out more than 3 leaves. So that was pretty good, I guess.

  5. I have not been wildly successful with this but tomorrow I will look and see if it's looking spiffy like yours. Likely not. I do love it though!

  6. Hi Loree~~ That last photo is award-worthy. Talk about texture! And the fall color is something, isn't it?

  7. Tina, I think our mild fall temps here in Portland have something to do with the color this year.

    Helen, thank you! I almost didn't include that photo b/c the overall color was so off...but included it b/c it helped to illustrate my addiction to this grass!

    Patricia, I think you are right about the weather...and YES! It is wrong. This year is "snow-lite" so think very carefully about when you want to receive your one dusting before you go wishing it away...

    Megan, yes that sounds like success to me!

    Karen, I'm considering (yikes!) dividing mine in the spring, I probably should do it now...but the daylight hours are too few...

    Grace, thank you! You are very kind. We really have had some great fall color...I would be happy with a little more sunshine though (it's always something right?)...

  8. One of my favorite plants!
    But then, we have a lot in common when it comes to lusting after plants.
    The feel of it is intriguing, especially at this time of year as it's going dormant, when petting reminds me of a cross between a plant and an animal.


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