Saturday, November 21, 2009

the end of the line

The theme for the November photo contest at Gardening Gone Wild is ‘THE END OF THE LINE’ the theme can be interpreted literally (you know, with lines…), or metaphorically (the end of the gardening season).

I’ve admired the entries in previous contests, and think it’s fabulous they encourage everyone to enter. No requirements that you talk techy photo talk or sling around a fancy camera. So here is my (first ever) entry in the Picture This Photo Contest… If you’ve visited danger garden before you might recognize it from one of my Berkeley Botanical Gardens posts; I took this photograph during our visit there on October 14th. The lines are the silver blue fronds of a Brahea decumbens, or Rock Palm. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the tree behind it producing the green/blue berries. The magic of the photo for me; is that it’s an exotic version of the brightly colored leaves and red berries image that’s a fall standard here in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Good of many photos of yours that I would consider contest-worthy.

  2. Lovely photo, Loree. I like the lines and the blue color echo.

  3. Good picture. Texture, shape, color - everything is here. Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Loree~~ I was going to say exactly Pam's comment. I love the color echo and yet there is a harmonious contrast with the green foliage. Now that I think about it, I guess green is always harmonious--duh for me. At any rate, aren't these photo contests fun? So easy and nothing to lose, everything to gain. This is only my second entry. The don't envy the judges this month.

  5. Beautiful photo, Loree. I've seen several photo entries today in my blog travels. They have all been lovely, but I think this one is my favorite. Good luck!!

  6. I like the green/blue combo. Is it my imagination, or is the red stem color on the berries echoed in the spine of the Rock Palm? I like that you've elected to enter a linear candidate. I don't want to think of November as the end of the season, I'll save that for January.

  7. Very nice photo! I like the contrast of sharp lines to round berries. very interesting shot. Good luck in the contest.

  8. I'm with Megan on your entry. I like the linear quality and the fact that you didn't go just for a seasonal theme. Good luck: clearly there is some good competition, but it's a great image!

  9. I am tagging you for Honest Scrap. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to reveal ten things about yourself, then tag seven other bloggers to do the same. This message will not self-destruct after reading, so take your time...or ignore it completely and no lives will be lost.

  10. ricki, thank you...your words are good for my ego! And thank you for the Honest Scrap tag. I appreciate the sentiment very much...even though I will fail to completely fulfill the assignment. I did think it would be fun to play with the letters in the word SCRAP though. Here are 5 things about me, starting with S, C, R, A, and P:
    Spent our honey moon in Montreal, in December.
    Chain letters, I am always the one who breaks the chain.
    Red was the color of my 75 Toyota Land-cruiser FJ40, loved that car.
    Artist, my husband is an artist.
    Pier One was my first real job, I worked there for 4 years in Spokane and Seattle.

    Thanks Pam and Tatyana!

    Grace, I know! There are so many entries, it will be fun to see what photo(s) are chosen!

    Liisa, thank you for that!

    Megan, good eye! January is the month that I wish would just hurry up and be over. What wise guy thought it would be a good idea to have January with 31 days in it?

    Jane, the competition is amazing! I love all the different interpretations!

    Thanks Teresa!


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