Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bloomday, November 15th

The most interesting bloom I’ve seen this bloomday isn’t in my garden, it’s in my dry cleaners parking lot. Yucca blooming in November? In Portland Oregon? What’s up with that? My Yucca and most of the others around town bloomed in July. Crazy! As for what’s blooming my garden the pickings are getting very slim…

The yellow Abutilon is still adding much needed sun to a corner of the garden. This was an impulse purchase last spring, and once I got it home I realized I didn’t have a place it. It started from a tiny 2.25” pot and has done pretty good in it’s less than ideal location. The real test lies ahead with the winter months.
I’m almost ready to cut this Eucomis and bring it inside so we can enjoy it, since we aren’t spending much time outside now.
And the Sea Oats dry so nicely I should do the same with them.
Fatsia Japonica getting all crazy…I love this plant. I really should get another one.
The Cannas seem too tired to actually open their blooms; the motivating sun hasn’t been seen much lately.
Still enjoying the blooms on this mystery grass which just appeared this summer.
A single bright Fuchsia bloom. Don’t know why I ended up with this plant, it’s so not me.
An inherited (from previous owners) Pieris japonica is getting ready to bloom; looks like it will be a prolific year.
Visit May Dreams Gardens to see what else is blooming around the world November 15th…


  1. Hi Loree~~ I thought of you when I visited "Dragonfly Garden" a few minutes ago. Florida, BROMILIEDS !!

    Could you be developing a soft spot for fuchsia blossoms??? :)

    That's some kind of Yucca. Wow. Personally, I like the cannas better in bud.

    I have to get Northern Sea Oats.

    We're going to have a mild winter [!] so your Abutilon should be just fine. I'm never wrong about these things.

    But just in case, ahem... I covered mine with ample leaf-fall and it survived last year's old-man-winter-assault.

    Was it you who described the Fatsia flowers as "Sputnik-esque"?

  2. Pretty good for November, don't you think? Happy Bloom Day.

  3. Love the color combination on that Canna. WoooHooo !

    A couple of months ago when that same Yucca was blooming my friend mentioned that his family from Mexico would often make scrambled eggs with the flowers from that yucca. Now whenever I see that plant bloom I think of scrambled eggs.

  4. I can really relate to your "it's so not me" comment about the fuchsia. I grew them myself for a few years but then asked myself if I really cared much for them in the first place. Well. No. My house came with a big pot of creeping charlie, that houseplant that was all over in the 70s, and 20+ years of neglect later the thing is still alive. It's definitely not me, but I can't bear the thought of doing something extreme to it.

  5. My yuccas didn't bloom at all this year...yet. Maybe they're saving it up for a weird time. The fatsia blooms are fantastic, I love it right now.
    I have a fuchsia too, I don't know why, but I don't bother to take it out. I have to admire it's will to survive, so I keep it around.

  6. Yup, those Fatsia japonica flowers are the best: You still have room...get another one!
    Your cannas are great - wish mine were still blooming, but they can't seem to get through the downpours.

    I know what you're saying about fuchsias. I like the more restrained, hardy ones that look less like ballerinas having a bad Andy Warhol trip.

  7. Your pieris looks beautiful. Those acid-lovers look mostly awful around my alkaline-soil neighborhood. Love the oat grass shot!

  8. Grace, I hope you know what you are talking about! I'll gladly take a mild winter. And was me that used the wacky descriptor..."Sputnik-esque"

    Nell Jean, yes I suppose you are right. It could be much worse...snow! Yuck.

    DD Michelle, so the Yucca blooms were a garish? Or they actually ate them?

    James, maybe you could gift your creeping charlie onto someone who would like it? I think that's what I'm going to have to do since the darn thing just won't die!

    Megan, maybe you'll get new years blooms! Just like fireworks...

    Jane, you have no forever linked Fushias and Andy Warhol, thank you.

    VW, I will have to tell my mom that she could be growing these in Spokane! When the blooms are fully opened she mentioned they looked a little like Wisteria. Shortly after that I actually saw them labeled "false Wisteria" in a nursery.


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