Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas, it’s sooner than you think

5 weeks from today actually! Like you needed the reminder right? You’ve been seeing the cards, ornaments and décor in the stores since about September 20th…

I stopped at Marbotts Nursery a couple weeks ago; Christmas was about the furthest thing from my mind. So it was extra surprising when I stepped inside one of their greenhouses to find this...Aren’t they pretty? I found these "mellow" poinsettias so much more attractive than the ones we usually see. Their colors are subtle; they hint at the season, not scream it. Still I couldn't bring myself to buy one, not yet. Not until Friday November 29th. Then LOOK's Christmas twenty-four/seven for me!


  1. Yes, these are so pretty-I want one to plant in my garden!
    I can't believe its only 5 weeks-OMG I have so much to do.

  2. I'm all for hinting at the season: stores definitely want to ram it down our throats earlier and earlier. The biggest offenders are the catalogues.
    I just can't get in the mood until after Thanksgiving. Then, I'm ready!

  3. Oh they're coming along, in fact I'd say they were about 2 weeks from screaming the season!
    These aren't mellow poinsettias, they are poinsettias coming into bloom!
    I once worked at a greenhouse here in town that had actual poinsettia trees,15 feet tall,classic tree shape round,and covered in blossoms during the winter but back to green the year round, you could sit under them on a bench, I remember the first tinges of color starting to appear, Lovely still in this stage! thanks for the memory photos!

  4. Loree~~ You're so right, I love these quiet poinsettias. The pink and green... my two favorite colors.

    Are street corner vendors selling Christmas trees in your neck of the woods? Two set ups here in Albany. RIDICULOUS. The trees will be kindling by Christmas. And stores are blaring Christmas caroles. Can't they wait until after Thanksgiving? Grrr... Okay I'm done ranting now. Thanks for listening. LOL

  5. I love the green ones. I have to admit, maybe it's too early, but I've been enjoying getting into the christmas spirit ahead of time. It all flies by so fast, I don't mind getting a couple extra weeks of enjoyment out of it all. If they never took the lights out of the trees downtown, I would be perfectly happy.

  6. Nicole, isn't it crazy? 5 weeks! (even less now!)

    Jane, I am with you, one holiday at a time!

    JJ, oh yes I realized that they were on their way to full vibrant color, I just liked them better this way! In fact I was there on Saturday and sure enough they were LOUD! WOW the tree you describe sounds very cool. I have only seen Poinsettia trees that were "built" out of small potted plants. Fakery!

    Grace, no trees on the corner yet. I'd say that will change in the next day or so. The radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music is already doing it! Crazy.

    Megan I don't know why I can't get into the spirit early...I do love it, and in fact have already bought Christmas wrap and I've started designing our cards. But the decorations don't go up until Friday, which is also when I break out the Christmas music! Dean Martin singing Christmas carols will do the trick in no time!


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