Wednesday, October 7, 2009

photo paper Hydrangea

You know the old blue photo paper you would lay in the sun with a leaf (or some such thing) on it and the sun would work with the paper to make a “print” of the leaf? My Hydrangea is doing this same thing in miniature.

The florets (which start out a bright periwinkle blue) have flipped completely over so what was the bottom is now the top. And they’ve turned this deep vibrant pink. If you flip the floret back over (I’m holding the one on the left, below) it’s almost completely white on the underside, which is what used to be the top (blue).
Wherever the florets lie on each other, overlapping, the top petal is pink and when you lift it up...
Like this, there is a perfect outline of it in white on the petal below...
It’s like the only thing that is making it the vibrant pink is exposure to the daylight. Weird!


  1. Crazy! I've never seen that before, but I like it! Now I have to go check my flowers.

  2. I have a pink rose that does that sometimes. It's the strangest thing!

  3. Oh so cool :-) That's why they say 'no plucking' else they couldn't hide what's still white he he..

  4. Hi DG~~ I've got this same anomaly, so I guess it's not an anomaly at all but the nature of things. What I don't get is why the petals flip over. Ah, the esoteric world of botany.

  5. The things you discover when you're playing in the garden. Simply wonderful.

  6. Megan, so? How about yours?

    Jane, a rose really? Interesting that they are both pink...

    Pam & Steph, isn't it?!

    Grace, I would love to know why the petals flip over! If you ever find out please be sure to share the info!

    Barbara, agreed!


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