Wednesday, October 11, 2023

HPSO Open Gardens: Darcy Daniels

After visiting Barb and Marjorie's gardens my next stop was Darcy Daniels place. I've written twice on Darcy's garden, the first way back in 2011, and the next in 2019. Although she's primarily concentrating on EGardenGo these days, Darcy is a working garden designer and there's always something new to see in her gorgeous garden.

A note about my photos, I don't know exactly why—maybe it was the rain?—but I was using my phone that evening, instead of my camera. The quality of the photos isn't great...

I love seeing a cotinus with the "smoke" blooms that give it the common name of smoke bush.

Darcy's driveway is for planting, not parking...

...and her extra-wide hellstrips, with their raised planters, are full of exuberant plantings.

Darcy's great eye for design is evident in the metal edging and especially the way it meets the rocks.

Fabulous combo! Sedum ‘Blue Pearl’ and Artemisia versicolor ‘Seafoam’.

This is a good time to share Darcy's description: "As with all gardens, mine is ever-changing and evolving, so if you've never come by, or it's been a while, please come see what I've been up to. As ever, plantings emphasize foliage, form and texture, and are designed to deliver a steady seasonal flow. Small is BIG here: I've got a variety of functional and living areas packed into my small lot. The front slope is bounded by a crisp steel and stone retaining wall and the parking strip garden is framed by raised beds made of curved flat-bar steel, woven in a sinuous, basket weave pattern. On the upper level is a stone patio, surrounded by plants."

Darcy invites visitors to have a seat right at the top of the stairs...
...and includes a very creative side-table.

More seating off to the left.

With marvelous foliage all around...

The colorful fern is Doodia media and is now on my lust list.

Another large porch for plant pots.

Wowsa look at that dark leafed loropetalum!

HPSO asked the garden owners to put out a sign-up sheet so they could see how many folks visited the open gardens that evening, naturally Darcy accompanied hers with a lovely arrangement.

More from Darcy: "Go deeper into the garden through a narrow space along the south side of the house. What was once a driveway is now a plant-filled garden, framed by a curvaceous steel border. A well integrated detached structure in the back garden serves as my studio and guest space. The back garden is built for outdoor living, with three separate areas for people to enjoy. The garden has been featured in a number of national publications, including "Fine Gardening", "Sunset", "Better Homes & Gardens", and others."

Struthiopteris spicant, syn. Blechnum spicant

I think the wide yellow leaves (blades?) are Carex siderosticha 'Banana Boat'.

So many plants in a narrow space! The small tree at the end is a Metapanax delavayi.

In the back garden now, and the rain is really picking up.

Clever variegation matching with the hosta and pyrrosia!

The rain didn't really make one want to sit and chat, unfortunately.

Love the planter under glass...

Rhododendron 'Ebony Pearl'

Another clever touch, this is an upcycled bit Darcy removed from the interior of a piece of irrigation hardware—it's being used to train a vine. 

Maybe Rhododendron williamsianum?

Another fern I was lusting after, Adiantum hispidulum.

I'm back out front now, with just a couple more shots of the hellstrip plantings.

Of course I had to take a peek next at Darcy's next door neighbor's garden, as there are a couple of big Agave ovatifolia living there.

And one of them was blooming! Maybe it still is? Sadly I haven't been buy since I snapped these shots.

Maybe I'll do a drive-by next week...

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  1. The quality of your photos is great. :) The smoke bush blooms are amazing, and the combinations and arrangements of plants throughout are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Beth, I guess it's hard to take a bad photo in Darcy's garden.

  2. Your pictures are great and this garden is absolutely fabulous!

    Steve B.

  3. So many wonderful vignettes in Darcy's garden! The smoke bush is the most impressive one I've ever seen. (My own Cotinus seems to have sworn off smoking.) One day I'll copy those glass-covered pots/side tables.

    1. You made me laugh Kris, it's probably better for your cotinus, health-wise.

  4. Thank you for sharing that beautiful garden!

  5. Deliciousness! I enjoyed every photo and Darcy's evident love for design and plants. Great seating options too.

    1. My only regret was that I didn't get to plop down and enjoy the view from one of those seats.

  6. This garden is one of my very favorites! The rain is the magic that makes it all happen and, boy, is it fantastic!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Nancy. That rain was the last we saw for months...

  7. As always, I had to dive into your two previous posts to compare. Instantly loved the "curved flat-bar steel, woven in a sinuous, basket weave pattern", and the succulent planted in a few of the gaps, as you captured in your photo.
    Also enamored with the two examples you point out to, using glass covered pots as side table: excellent idea with all kinds of possibilities.

    1. Isn't that edging in the hellstrip fantastic? Such an inspiring garden.

  8. So well laid out and planted. It's crammed full of all kinds of wonderful plants, yet it doesn't feel at all cluttered or haphazard.

  9. Wow! If I lived anywhere near I would plan a weekly walk to see this. I love it, the edging is masterful.

  10. Still keeping an eye out for metal edging like that. Don't think I will ever find any. I too zoomed in on that Doodia - reddish fronds, ooh la la!


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