Monday, July 24, 2023

How many men does it take to trim a palm tree?

Evidently it takes four. Three to stand around, and one to climb the ladder. A very tall ladder. Oh my. Why aren't any of those men on the ground paying attention to that guy way up there at the top?

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  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2023

    They probably were paying attention to him till the photographer showed up. At least two are facing the camera, including the guy on the ladder.
    Evidently not afraid of hights, his position on that extension ladder seems very precarious to me...

  2. Neighbors wandered over to see what was happening. Didn’t want to watch the guy and make him nervous.

  3. Ha! My husband claims that whenever you see several men performing work in a public setting, there's always one actually doing the work with the others "supervising." They should be looking up as palm fronds are dangerous when they fall from that height! And what's with the guy wearing the suit jacket?

  4. Fun photo. Historical images are always so fascinating. Looks like a "big" job. ;-)

  5. AnonymousJuly 25, 2023

    Agree with Linda. Could be the owner, neighbors and so on. As to the trimming, although this type of "feather duster" cut is common, it's bad for the plant because too many fronds are being cut. This results in a thinner trunk. It's already happened, from mid-thich to mid-chest of the palm trimmer. Also, leaving dying fronds on the palm allows water and nutrients to be absorbed into the palm.

  6. Looks like California in the 1920's. It takes the same number today, only now it's one guy with climbing spikes, a safety harness/belt, a chain saw and three guys hustling to load the fronds onto the truck.

    1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2023

      Ugh ... climbing spikes damage the palms allowing disease to enter. Unlike trees, palms do not grow bark which will eventually seal the wound.
      Ugh again ... chainsaws are near-impossible to clean and sterilize. Another way to spread disease from other palms previously trimmed with the same chainsaw.
      Unfortunately, this is quite common.


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