Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas dg style, 2021

As is my tradition, on the day after Thanksgiving I cued up the Christmas music and pulled out the holiday decorations.

I wasn't feeling terribly creative this year, although I knew I wanted a lot of conifer greens, perhaps some Leucadendron argentum branches, and red accents. 

With, of course, lots of holiday sparkle.

I also knew I didn't want to hang my vintage ornaments on a tree. As pathetic as it sounds that just sounded like too much work (yes, I've been a little Grinchy this year). Instead I filled the mercury glass votive holders with a representative sample. Since I planned to weave small strands of lights through the conifer branches votives seemed redundant.

I missed the big wreath making gathering at Cistus Nursery this year (we were flying back from California that day) and never have got my wreath-making mojo going. This small wrapped-ribbon wreath is the only one I made.

I thought I might splurge and buy enough of those soft and shimmery Leucadendron argenteum branches to make a wreath, however the powers that be didn't allow that. These few were all that was available at the flower market.

They last much longer in water so it was probably better that I wasn't tempted.

I almost didn't grab the berries, thinking them too "much" (it was a Grinch moment) I'm glad I did though. the mantle would have been boring with out them.

It's been a few years since I've added to my tree collection. There are fourteen on display this year. 

No ornaments on the "big tree" meant the tree topper went in a votive holder as well.
Speaking of the "big tree"—it was a vintage aluminum tree sort of year. At first I was happy with just the sparkly red garland.

But then I decided some green was needed and collected tillandsia from around the house. A little silly? Yes...but I like it.

It's not as professional as this full on small tillandsia tree I later saw at Cornell Farm—but oh so much less expensive.

Here's an unplanned feature that my eye is drawn to as I walk thru the living room. Notice the conifer branch in the center of the wreath...

...and how it almost mirrors the shapes of the snowflake.

What a fun accident!

Another pair of trees, with a nice shadow on a (rare) sunny morning.

This trio of trees is over on our dining table.

The scabiosa pods are left from an earlier table-top arrangement—they went so well with the trees color-wise and had a natural ornament feel, they got to stay.

This display was also in place long before holiday-decorating began. I couldn't resist tucking in the two tall, slender trees to "Chistmasize" it a bit.

Finally, just because I didn't make a wreath for our door this year doesn't mean it's empty...

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  1. No one looking at those beautiful displays would guess you were having a Grinch moment. I love the Tillandsia on the silver tree. They were made for each other. I put my trees etc up on the day after Thanksgiving as well. The next day I heard my sister was in the hospital. If I hadn't decorated already, I never would have done so. I am finding it really comforting to have the tree lit at night, candles and the fire glowing.

    1. I am so glad you have that comfort and beauty around you Linda, it's a small joy I am sure.

  2. Even at your grinchiest and least inspired, you're leagues ahead of most of us. I love what you did!

    I was wondering where you'd gotten those Leucadendron argenteum branches until you mentioned that you bought them.

    The tillandsias look great as ornaments on your aluminum tree!

  3. Did you feel less Grinchy after you stepped back and admired what you'd created? I love your display but then that's no surprise as I can't say I've ever been anything but flabbergasted by the beauty and creativity of your mantel decorations. The Tillandsias on the silver tree are perfect.

    I've felt pretty Grinchy myself this year and, while I didn't skip buying a tree, I briefly considered picking a table-sized version this year. I couldn't skip the tree as my husband (aka Scrooge) might decide that should become the norm. As it was, my decorating was perfunctory.

    1. Maybe a little less Grinchy, I'm definitely glad I did it. As I'm glad to hear you didn't succumb to the temptation to give in on the tree.

  4. It's lovely and festive.

  5. As always, your mantel looks beautiful; and I absolutely love what you did with the aluminum tree. It's nice to experiment with holiday decor especially using natural elements - or living ones!

    "Peace and love to all living things
    On this Yule the Goddess will bring.
    Let Magick fill the Earth's light
    With a healing vibe or bright, bright white."

    Happy Yule to all!

  6. I always admire your mantle decorating and this is no exception. Beautiful!

  7. Looking very festive, Loree! I really like the Tillandsia tree. :)

  8. An elegant festive splendor. The pair of metal trees are very cool. Counting the shadow, it's actually a trio.
    The older shelf display with the print in the back has a rich moody feel; I love it.

    1. Tempting to call it a trio, but the sun is a rare thing these days.


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