Friday, September 3, 2021

Want some ivy?

Ivy... a word that stirs feelings of fear in many a Portland gardener. English ivy (Hedera helix) gone wild covers the trunks of some of our tallest trees in acres of close-in public and private land...

So it was a bit of a game to see how Andrew would react when I causally mentioned that a friend from Seattle was stopping by to give me some rooted ivy, would he recall in horror? Nope, no reaction. Oh well, saved me having to explain that this was a well behaved ivy. Meet Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart'...

The photo above is of 'Sulphur Heart' growing at Cistus Nursery. I know I've got a similar image but couldn't find it, thankfully Evan Bean let me use his, from this post.

Here's a photo from my wreath making afternoon at Cistus last December. Of course I was drawn to the green on green varigation.

Late last winter Facebook friend Cotts Meery mailed me a few cuttings of his Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart'. I rooted them and planted them out. Three of them took. Here's one against a stock tank.

Close up...

And two others in a semi-dead-zone behind that same tank, up against the fence at the back of our property. Because our land is at a much higher level than that behind that fence (thanks to quickly and poorly built fence) all the water I give those little ivy starts quickly drains away.

Thankfully Cotts recently brought me a bit more ivy to play with...

I'm rich!

I love those leaves...

So much!

I also love the way most ivy determines it's own path, growing up and sometimes getting quite a beefy trunk. I took this photo over in a historic district in NW Portland and have no idea what species we're looking at. I do know plants that can adhere to walls also cause damage, but I love them.

What are your thoughts on ivy?

Do you have a favorite? Do you grow it as a houseplant? Outdoors? 

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  1. I love ivy and always fawn over it when I see it in the store (especially that "glacier" variety), but I have yet to bite the bullet. It won't survive outside and I'm just not interested in keeping it indoors all winter...


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