Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Back in the saddle (on the trail, or rather the rocks) again...

You know that bit of wisdom about getting back in the saddle when you've been kicked off the horse? Last weekend Andrew was heading up to the Salmon River to try out a new fishing rod and asked if I wanted to come with. That location was the scene of the ankle break... "the crime" so to speak. Did I want to return to the scene of the crime? Hell ya!

Well except when it was time to head out he changed his mind about where he wanted to go (long story) and so instead we ended up on the Clackamas River. It was early Sunday morning and rather lovely. Looking to my right, as I sat on a comfy log...

And looking to my left, that's Andrew on the rocky shoreline, I'm not sure if the odd arc of light is his line, cast out into the river, or not.

Looking down into the river, from my perch, I was surprised by this large claw.

Then I saw it's "owner"... poor guy.

I can only sit for so long, it was time to explore...

I like this mix and wish the river rock in my garden included a few of these larger bits.

As I walked on the size of the mix got larger, and was a serious work-out for my recuperating ankle, being forced to bend from side to side. I appreciated that Andrew packed a bamboo pole I could use for added stability.

A campfire. No! People...NO!

I'm not sure what this is, but I grew along the river's edge and the bees were all over it. One in particular was somewhat bothered by my taking a photo and had to follow me for awhile to let me know it was none of my business what they were up to.

There were way too many firepits. Seriously people... it's so dry right now.

Walking back along the trail to the car things were a little overgrown and shadier, as evidenced by the moss. Although even it was try to the touch.

Mahonia berries!

I am rather happy with how my ankle has improved over the last few days. I would not have attempted this outing even the week before. Still I needed to stop and give it a rest along the way. Short massages do wonders for swelling and pain.

I took this pic thinking maybe I'd discover some random conspiracy theory or different way of thinking. Nope, it's a local band.

Interesting bits of things that once were something.

These parts were very thick metal and would make a fantastic edging to planting beds, in fact I'm reminded of edging I've seen at Portland's Japanese Garden (lots of photos in this post).

Another perspective

Just a reminder for when you're out and about, because it's probably the same wherever you are...

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