Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fearless Gardening—an Author Talk for the Ruth Bancroft Garden

While putting together images for my National Agave Day post last Friday, I did a search for Agave parryi 'Notorious RBG'. I wanted to make sure I was being consistent with my made up name for the unlabeled agave I purchased for just $5, at the Ruth Bancroft Garden back in 2016...

I love the images that came up in those search results, RBG's crown is a little "agave-like"...don't you think?

Of course in naming that agave I was having fun with the fact the Ruth Bancroft Garden and Ruth Bader Ginsburg—both inspiring woman—share the same abbreviation/initials. 

So why the trip down agave-memory lane? Because I wanted to be sure you know about a book talk I'll be giving for the Ruth Bancroft Garden this Saturday morning! Of course I wish I were going to be there in person, but since it's an online talk that means no matter where you are in the world YOU can be there too. It's at 10am Pacific Time, click here for more info and to register! Hope to "see" you there...

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  1. Wow, seeing your agave and Ruth Bader Ginsburg side by side is über-cool!

  2. Best wishes on the talk, Loree!

  3. One of the gifts of the internet - Have fun, Loree!

  4. You must be quite proficient with on-line talks by now. It's a new world that opened up because of Covid, if one try to look on the positive side. So in spite of the casted ankle, you can still give a talk without leaving your house.

    1. Sometimes it would be nice to leave the house though...


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