Thursday, January 7, 2021

We go out walking

A sunny Sunday afternoon was the only push Andrew and I needed to head out the door and go for a walk. While we've had some nice sunny and dry days, they certainly aren't ever taken for granted this time of year...

I think this is Cordyline banksii Electric Star, I love those colors.

Urban birds need houses too...

This sliding gate is vaguely familiar, like I've photographed it before. Seems possible as I love the look, I'm also quite fond of the stock tanks used as a safety barrier on the roof-deck.

Peek-a-boo! I see opuntia pads back there.

This was my most exciting discovery of the outing.

A nice big Echium pininana forest!

Technically these biennial/triennials aren't hardy here in Portland, but we've obviously had a few mild winters. 

I made note of the location, if this winter continues without an obscene arctic blast then there should be quite the tower of flowers late this spring.

I wonder how old these guys are? I could hear someone moving around inside the house, but never saw them so I didn't get a chance to ask.

Moving on...I bet this is a cool, shady and enclosed space in which to take a load off, in the summer time.

Hanging above you would be this fine creature... 

I am the last person who should be making guesses at grass ID, but I think this is Bouteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition'—I loved it against the colorful phormium with the horizontal texture of a brick wall there behind it all.

And finally, passing by McMenamins Kennedy School and almost home, we had to pause and admire the colorful Mahonia gracilipes berries.

Weather Diary, Jan 6: Hi 53, Low 46/ Precip .76" 

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  1. The stock tanks on the roof need some plants... I wouldn't have been able to resist.

    1. I think they might be for summer veggies and thus empty now.

  2. You have the best neighborhood walking tours. I love that gate.

    1. Our neighborhood is a good one walks. We've driven to others and walked for a change of scenery, but they never deliver the same inspiration.

  3. OOooh...can't wait for the tower of flowers!

  4. Thanks for sharing these fun scenes from you area. One of these days I'll make it out to Portland. My daughter might be going to grad school there--if so, just one more reason to travel there. If not, I still want to visit Oregon and Washington.


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