Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Potted Elephant Open House, visiting their new location

Back in October of 2018 I visited the Potted Elephant during one of their open house events. Since that original visit they've relocated, to an entirely different area. This last Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to see their new location...

I left my camera in my bag and had no intention of writing about the visit...but then the plants called out to be photographed, you know how it goes.

Soon I was wildly snapping...

I went with Ann (the Amateur Bot-ann-ist) and we were allowed to go behind the tape (into the off limits area) and see things up close, including the (amazing) passiflora collection that's being grown there.

Being late November blooms were scarce, but that let the different foliage shapes and patters shine...

This was part of the "off limits" propagation area...

But now we're back out in the sales area...

Happy shoppers...

So cute, right?

Lots of rhipsalis...

And a few bromeliads...

I made my selections for purchase (pictures at the end of the post), but then went off to explore the other two "no touch!" greenhouses...

This was one huge piece of driftwood! The front half...

And the back...

There were lots of big monstera.

And a ton of hanging treasures.

In fact some of these might seem familiar to observant and frequent readers. The Potted Elephant guys bought the remaining plants at Dick's greenhouse when it was time for him to move.

This made me so happy! To know Dick's plants were being cared for by true plant lovers.

There's more good news too, the person who bought Dick's house and greenhouse is NOT tearing it down but rather living there and using the greenhouse and his pottery studio. So wonderful.

Wait a you see what I see?

Wow. Those leaves!

Looks like metal, but it's not.

So many plants!

Outside and headed to the other greenhouse what do I see... agaves!

Inside, letting my eyes adjust to the scene...

It's the potted elephant collection.

Love that container.

Piles of pads and sticks, destined to be planted up I'm sure.

Okay so here's what I bought, Lepismium cruciforme...

Another Lepismium that was just labeled "species"...

And they were giving away these little Kalanchoe tubiflora with a purchase, such a better use than just tossing them...since they do reproduce by the thousands...

Weather Diary, Dec 18: Hi 42, Low 33/ Precip .18

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  1. I bet that was a fun day! I often intend to not take photos, but then the phone comes out anyway because the urge to document becomes irresistible. I'm glad the rest of Dick's plants found a home.

    1. The urge was so strong it became silly not to!

  2. I'm so happy you were "widely snapping"... good stuff. Some passiflora varieties have strangely shaped leafs (in a good way). Nice to see many of Dick's greenhouse treasures found a home, too bad they weren't for sale; so many beauties, most notably that metallic-looking stunner. I hope someone can ID it.

    1. Oh I bet they'll be for sale in the future. Either the actual plants or their babies.

    2. And we have a name! Alocasia cuprea.

  3. Another great greenhouse in your area with a great variety of unusual plants. Warning signals would be flashing for me! What is the name of the bronze leafed plant? The bromeliad and it make a perfect pair.

    1. I'm still trying to find out exactly what that beauty is!

  4. It made me so happy to hear not only that Dick's plants found a loving home, but also that he sold his property to likeminded! That would make it so much easier to make what must have been a difficult decision - to move! Knowing this gave me the best feeling yet, so far. :D

    I have yet to visit Potted Elephant - they sell precisely the kinds of plants I can't grow. Which of course doesn't make a visit any less thrilling, but still. One of these days, I WILL go. And thanks for explaining where they got their name - love it!

    1. Ah come could treat a few of them as houseplants...

  5. I could easily get lost here, happily, of course.

  6. *SIGH* You have so many wonderful nurseries. And there didn't seem to be any Christmas trees hogging nursery space...

    1. Ya this one isn't open to the public so there's no need to hawk trees and other seasonal do-dads.

  7. Wow! Amazing leaf shapes, color and texture everywhere your camera was pointed.


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