Thursday, October 25, 2018

Visiting The Potted Elephant

Back on October 13th I headed south, on a sunny Saturday, to attend the Potted Elephant's open greenhouse...

The Potted Elephant is a wholesale operation, not normally open to the public. I don't know the details of the location, but it looks like perhaps greenhouse space is available to rent here. There were signs of other businesses...

And signs of better times...

Oh the possibilities!

Okay, time to explore the plants on offer from The Potted Elephant...

This was a fun surprise, apotspot pots!

Tin Can there's an excellent band name...

So many fantastic Rhipsalis! I don't think I've ever seen so many in one place.

And this! There was a label, but it was faded. Maybe a Cereus?

Whatever it is I REALLY wanted to take it home. It was not for sale.

Bromeliads get me every time...

As does the simple repetition of plants in pots. I need them all.

One of these things is not like the other...

Ya gotta love plants that are so intent on making babies.

Everything was so darn photogenic.

The little kid in the stripes had just said "I know it's really spiky, but it's the one I like"...I wanted to give him a high-five.

I would have been disappointed had there not been elephants.

Such tough love...

Euphorbia flanaganii, maybe? Maybe not?

OMG! Back in the day I had one of those clamp-on lights that were supposed to look like Hollywood movie lights, only mine was black.

I was seriously tempted by a few of the Rhipsalis, but I didn't really have a "need" and they were pricey, so instead I purchased a pair of Aloe aristata. I've had great luck overwintering them outdoors and I knew just what I would do with another two.

After paying for my plants I went next door and explored their tropical greenhouse.

Bromeliads with wicked teeth, yes please!

Ferns growing in the cup of a Bromeliad, why didn't I think of that?

Yes, I wanted to bring this home too.

Seeing this I imagined another version of my basement greenwall...

Only on chain-link and featuring plants mounted on chunks of wood. Could be cool.

I'm not a fan of Staghorn ferns, but this one was pretty amazing.

And this one too.

Lots of good stuff... The Potted Elephant...

Weather Diary, Oct 24: Hi 62, Low 53/ Precip 0

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  1. What a fun and interesting visit! I follow them on Instagram, but for some reason I assumed they were down in California. Those are some really gorgeous Bromeliads.

    1. The plant mix probably had you thinking Cali?

  2. You have way too much fun! I could see myself needing a trailer to get out of there! 706 area code is Georgia. How long have they been in Oregon?

    1. Good question (Georgia), one I don't know the answer to. Cell phones certainly make for lots of area unspecific phone numbers. Oh and no trailer needed, a lot (most) of the plants were not for sale.

  3. I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be to have a poly-tunnel...

  4. Lots of great plants & I'm curious about the story of this place.

    1. Follow them on Insta or FB and find out about their next open greenhouse, then come down to Oregon and ask them! (that's my cover-up for the fact I haven't a clue)

  5. Now that's a place to drop some serious cash on plants! I on the other hand love staghorns and would have been very tempted. The fern in the bromeliad is brilliant! And, I love the elephant containers!

    1. I don't know what's wrong with me regarding my Staghorn aversion!

  6. The little bright golden agave among more plain ones kind of made me smile. I would have bought it just for it's successful PR ability.

    1. Letting it's light shine! I think it (an Aloe?) was among the NFS plants.

  7. Interesting, the mix of plants they are growing. Ornamental plants go in and out of fashion just like clothes.

  8. Looks like a fun afternoon of exploring.

    1. It was. Plus a drive in the "country" is always a good thing.

  9. The plant you thought might be a Cereus is a Rhipsalis, possibly R. ramulosa

  10. You get to visit the most interesting places. You should write a guide to Oregon nursery!

  11. How can it be that I have never heard of this place? Thanks for the enlightenment.


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