Friday, October 18, 2019

Darcy Daniels' Portland Garden, an HPSO Study Weekend visit

I've had the pleasure of visiting Darcy Daniels' garden a few times, still I didn't want to pass up the chance to see it all fluffed and primped for the HPSO Study Weekend...

The sign above is in Darcy's hellstrip, as are the plants below. The lady in the purplish shirt (above) is standing on the public sidewalk.

Darcy's driveway, which is not used, obviously.

A wider view...

From the Study Weekend brochure: "Darcy has been gardening since 1998 when she and her husband moved to their little plot in NE Portland. At the time she was new to gardening but dove right in with a passion...Since then the garden has been in a constant state of development—evolving and changing as gardens and gardeners do. The latest incarnation has been focused on making edits to her maturing landscape. For example, she's in the process of making adjustments to her back yard after removing two large trees." Learn more at

I love this shot!

I know these next three photos are still in the front garden but I'm not sure what's hellstrip and what's her actual lot.

Here we've stepped up into the front garden.

Tempting to sit for a bit, except for the fact I've still got other gardens to see!

The pathway that heads around to the back garden.

One of the very best side yards in all of Portland...

Mangave, maybe 'Bad Hair Day' and my shadow hand...

I love this wall planter!

Darcy's office is in their converted garage. Pretty sweet...

Another tempting sit spot.

Staniding here I could tell there were trees missing but I thought they were gone from a neighbor's yard, not Darcy's.

Love the combination of chartreuse and black. I need to ask Darcy what the chartreuse is.

Even the skinny side yard is fabulous...

Thanks Darcy for opening your garden, again!

Weather Diary, Oct 17: Hi 58, Low 51/ Precip .28"

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  1. I love all the private little seating areas in Darcy's garden. Lush and intimate. The gold grass might be a sedge Carex 'Evergold'. Great tour. Thanks

    1. Another name came in too, Acorus 'Minimus Aureus'.

  2. I love Darcy's garden--and how she's always changing it up. So inspiring. Lovely post.

  3. I loved this tour! I've seen her occasional short video tours of her own garden on Instagram, but they're always in Stories, and so they don't last. Her shady skinny side yard is wonderful. I was thinking that golden grass looked like some kind of Acorus.

    1. There seems to be agreement on acorus, thank you. She opens sometimes for just regular HPSO open days, are you still a member?

  4. Pretty sure the grass is Acorus gramineus

  5. Great garden but love the front entrance with that wide stoop and the seating area off to the left. Inspirational.

  6. Best use of a driveway ever! Those side yards are great too.I love that 5th shot too.

    1. There's something about the blue sky and all those foliage colors. Glad you liked it to.

  7. The hellstrips in Darcys neighborhood are enviably huge. I think she is just about tied with Marcia Donahues garden for favorite hellstrips I have seen. And yes that sideyard is first rate. She has really taken advantage of every square inch of available planting space-so glad I took your advice to visit this garden.

    1. I'm glad you were able to see it in person!

  8. Great textures, esp. in the side yard. The burgundy-purple in the asiatic lilies matches the purple-leaved plant to the left of it. Nice garden!

  9. many visits...never the same
    she's a true artist


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