Friday, June 8, 2018

Salem Study Weekend, Lowry Eckerdt garden

This garden was my last stop on the Salem Study Weekend. Three fun-filled days of garden touring had drawn to a close (and my extended coverage finally has too).

The owners decription of their garden..."After 16 years our half-acre garden is still in transition. A hodgepodge of Mediterranean, woodland, and Pacific Northwest palette (with year-round interest in mind) the garden is held together with arbors, terraces, stone elements, and statuary. Our love of old-modern garden ornamentation results in vignettes which we hope accentuate the plant material. We are non-stop plant collectors that worry about the design later. Our surrounding 12' bay hedge is intended to contain our exuberance, while also providing a measure of privacy. Make no mistake: this is large city garden. It's exuberant, lush, always interesting. We welcome the opportunity to share our eclectic garden with you."

The garden as seen from the public sidewalk was interesting enough...

I had a feeling it was going to get really good, once I entered the garden proper.

There was a lot of shade in this garden, which messed with the color of my photos. Hopefully you can just think of them as moody.

Refreshments were in those vintage metal wash-bins.

Out into the sunlight!

I love a good Canna collection.

Stone person, real people.

And giant bugs!

The HPSO's Bruce Wakefield, caught in a moment of rest.

Perhaps Bruce was considering where in their garden he and his partner Jerry could put a creation like this?


And what a fine home for them.

I would love a collection like this! As it is I have three vintage cans and use them all.

This truly was a plant lovers garden.

With something for everyone.

Oh my, that looks like a lot of work ahead...

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  1. Those rose hips (?) look as big as tomatoes! Just gorgeous. I also have a collection of old watering cans. I'm down to only a half a dozen. The two cans in your photo with the swooping handles are German. Have you noticed that the Euro cans are much more comfortable to carry?

    1. Right? Not being very rose-hips savvy they were so huge I questioned that's what they were.

  2. This definitely looks like an exuberant garden! I love the shell lady, I wonder where I can find one.

    1. Find the statue, and then start collecting, and gluing, shells...

  3. They have a great collection of architectural and garden novelties, providing interest and elements of surprise. A fun garden - thanks for the tour.

  4. Ooh, so many great plants, so much cool stuff. I'm totally in love with the arch in the next to last picture. Looks like a groovy old house, too.

  5. I want a giant bug! I was surprised at how much I liked the rake collection too.

    1. Ya, the rake collection and the bin they were in, especially the bin...

  6. But...was there an Agave?

  7. I was thinking you'd probably have a different use for those vintage metal wash-bins. I wouldn't mind a metal bench encircling the trunk of my pine tree.
    The dove's home is practically majestic. Or maybe they are homing pigeons? (sadly, I wouldn't know a dove from a pigeon).

    1. Me either...well, until they started making sounds.

  8. AnonymousJune 09, 2018

    Moody it is...and who would have it any other way?


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