Monday, January 2, 2012

What’s wrong with my Loquat?

Last Friday I took advantage of a brief break in the nearly nonstop rain (the last week of the month made up for the very dry first 3 weeks) and took a walk around the garden. That’s when I saw this… I’d noticed a few spots on a couple of leaves before, but employed my classic “ignore it and it will go away” response (laziness, that's my version of organic gardening). That didn’t work because it’s not gone away but gotten worse! That’s the Musa Basjoo behind it, wrapped in a burlap coffee bag. I love this plant and don’t want to lose it, or have its leaves be an ugly mottled mess. Please advise…


  1. Loree, there is a leaf-spot disease that will affect Loquats ..Entomosporium (or something close to it... spelling disclaimer)Google it, I think you can use copper spray, but as with Camellia petal blight, I think getting rid of affected folige may be important. And send some of the rain down here would you ? I'm running out of chapstick and hand lotion.

  2. I agree with ks...looks suspiciously like Entomosporium...check out this website I think it's worst in cool, wet weather (of course). Maybe you shoot Sean Hogan a quick email...he may have some experience dealing with the problem. Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for the little guy :-(

  3. Hi Loree - This looks to me as though the loquat has reached its capacity for water. Has your weather been wet? If that's it, don't worry. Those loquats are tough. You can get some spotting in the winter, especially if the weather is rainy.

    Camilla is susceptible to the same spotting caused by an over-abundance of water. Happy new year!

  4. And it's been in the 80's in Ojai where I spent the last couple days. Dry, dry, dry. No rain in our forecast for the next 10 days. Hope you get a respite from all that rain soon.

  5. ks and scott, you guys (unfortunately) seem to have hit the nail on the head. Yikes! Especially since every leaf seems to have it. I think you're right Scott I'm going to email Sean. Not that he doesn't have better things to do! But I bet he'll have a few words of wisdom. Why do I fear they will involve getting rid of the plant? :(

    Debra, ordinarily I'd think this would be the problem, as water is always in abundant supply around here. But we've just this week come off a very dry December, way below normal. So it just doesn't seem right in this case. Still I'm not going to completely discount your theory but rather keep it in mind as I decide how to proceed.

    Denise, 80!? Are you serious? Why oh why wasn't I born a Californian?

  6. oh that sooo tragic! I know those are really super tough plants and planted in and around metro van which gets more water than portland I believe so the wet shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you guys have been like us here winter/fall has been really super dry except for the last couple of weeks. Today was a balmy 57F, here's hoping things continue to be mild!

  7. I hope you will keep posting about this so I will know if I should strike loquat from my want-list.

  8. Hi, My loquat has black spotting and the edges of the leaves have curled up. Do I need to get rid of the plant? The flowers have not grown into fruits either. they are still the same small tiny fruits(?) for the past 2 months. Please help.

    1. I'm afraid I am unable to help. This plant has since died (I moved it and didn't get enough of it's roots) and I've not had an issue with the replacement plant. Are you in Portland? Maybe try taking a leaf to the info desk at Portland Nursery. If you're not in the Portland area try a good local nursery in your town, or the master gardeners. Good luck!


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