Friday, January 20, 2012

Cistus Nursery, in the dead of winter

I needed to get out of the house and stretch my eyes…you know what that means right? I end up at Cistus Nursery. Of course it was a weekday, a COLD weekday. Who would visit a destination nursery on a 35 degree afternoon? Me.
Ok there was one other group there, I got the feeling one of them had brought the other two who were visiting from out of town.
It was nice to wander and have the place to myself.
As you can see they’re all buttoned up for the season.
Things stowed away, and a heater at the ready.
Unfortunately I'm not the only one with spots on my Agaves...misery loves company right?
Opuntia left outside, proving they are tough characters.
This one, Opuntia basilaris 'Sara's Compact' came home with me, how could it not! Look at those brown/orange polka dots, plus it's hardy to zone 5.
Oenothera sp.
If their Echium collection survives the rest of the winter (and odds are looking good) I can't wait to see the blooms next year!
Drimys winteri var. chilensis
I wish this photo had turned out better. To turn around and see the Mahonia glowing in the distance was magical!
Up close...
Here are what's left of the blooms from Clematis tibetana var. vernayi...I should have these at home but for some stupid reason I cut mine back. What was I thinking?
Inside the "big top" things look more lively...
Dudleya cymosa
Opuntia humifusa, mine at home look like this too!
So many beautiful Manzanita (Arctostaphylos)
Arctostaphylos 'Dr. Hurd' this one and you don't have to wait for the amazing bark/twisting branches, they are already there! ($52)
Echeveria runyonii
At first glance I thought these were tiny flowers!
But no, these are the flowers...
I neglected to get the name!
That was an enjoyable afternoon outing, time to head home and get started on dinner...


  1. What a gorgeous little trip you had! I am adding this nursery to place of must visits. The photos are beautiful, I especially love all the succulents and cacti..they remind me of warmer days!! You really do take beautiful photos...cheers Julia

    1. Julia you owe it to yourself to visit Cistus! And thank you for the photo compliment.

  2. In the "neglected to get the name" photo you captured a partial plant tag... looks like "__ sula capiten__". Don't know if that helps. :-)

    I'm adding Opuntia basilaris 'Sara's Compact' to my list too, at least to research and consider. Caught my eye right away.

    1. Good eye! And I think Hoover (below) called it: Crassula capitella 'campfire.' If you decide you have to have the Opuntia remember that Cistus does mail order!

  3. My favorite kind of post!

    I've got to plan a trip to Cistus the next time I'm in Portland. I've been to Sauvie Island twice, but there was never time to stop.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

    1. Wait just a second. You've been on Sauvie Island but not stopped at Cistus? What were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!????????

  4. Nice! Of course, you hit the spiny stuff...or the unspined (Opuntia ellisiana in a pot, Manzanita). I think I could have a landscape of Madrone trees, a Manzanita understory, and pots with only Agave and Opuntia. Elegant camera angles and lighting.

  5. My favorite time to visit a place: when no one else is there.

    The towers of flowers is I think Crassula capitella 'campfire'. Just without the fire, it not being the right weather there in your area. The little things are how the flowers start.

    Nice Opuntia!

    1. Thank you Hoover! May the sun (and thus the fire) return soon.

  6. A winter visit to a nursery is one of my favorite activities too. It's neat to see plants in all seasons and to have the place to yourself..what a treat! Cheers, Jenni

    1. You are right about seeing the plants in all seasons, it makes such a difference. When I was shopping for plants for my front garden redo I did most of it last winter, it was fun and I knew exactly what I would be getting this year.

  7. Off-season visits are the best...except when it is in-season!

  8. My humifusas look like that too! I know, I know, they're supposed to be that way, but this is my first winter with them, and I'm a worrywart. Thanks for the additional reassurance.

  9. What a good idea...I think I need to take a trip to some nurseries in the next few weeks...I've been having some symptoms of withdrawal! Of course, I love the Arctostaphylos (if only I had room)...le sigh.

  10. Oooh, thanks for the tour! Great photos! I will have to add Cistus to my to-do list. We have been entrenched in a kitchen remodel and it would be so nice to take a break and plant a few new plants!

  11. Much nicer than my neck of the woods in winter, although, so far, it's been a mild one....


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