Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloomday, November 2011

Not much to share this Bloomday. Putting a positive spin on it I’d say there are several things showing promise (buds) for the grey months ahead. And heck! We’ve been spoiled by the rich dramatic colors of fall leaves for weeks on end, who needs flowers anyway?! The golds, ambers, oranges, burgundy and full on red of the changing leaves have been wonderful!

However since it is Bloomday here are my four (only 4!) different blooms (of course I realize now I left out the grasses, ah well). Fatsia japonica... The many colors of the Hydrangea Almost expired Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ And finally the orange Abutilon I wonder if these buds will get a chance to open? I haven’t yet had a frost yet in my garden, although the temperatures predicted for this weekend are getting dangerously close. No doubt there are others with more blooms to share, visit our hostess May Dreams Gardens for their links.


  1. Your Fatsia japonica always seems to bloom earlier than mine, maybe because it gets more sun? Mine's not even showing any buds yet. The hydrangea is such a wonderful combination of blues and pinks. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Your Abutilon is gorgeous!
    Happy GBBD :)

  3. Your hydrangeas are still looking awesome! So pretty. Mine are long gone for the year.: ( The dahlias and chinese lanterns are still giving a little pop of color around here though.

  4. where would we be without fatsia japonica this time of year!?! looks amazing!

  5. We have had a couple of frosty mornings out here, but a few things have survived...last gasp, I'm sure.

  6. Maybe few blooms, but great photos: the third Hydrangea one in particular, and the last with the background shadows. I thought of you when we visited the Arboretum and saw a Fatsia japonica 30 feet tall and wide...do they get that big in your area? Happy Bloom Day!

  7. Hi Loree,
    I had forgotten how beautiful hydrangea can be. Great pics.
    4 blooms..yes, that's about as many as I have right now. Happy November!
    David/ :-)

  8. All your "autumn joys" look great! Keep thinking warm thoughts. Winter's fine, but you don't want to rush things... Happy bloomday!

  9. Holy Fatsia Blooms! I've been growing mine since a seedling and I've yet to see any. A couple weeks ago I noticed a swollen joint off the growing tip, but nothing yet. Perhaps it's on it's way. Beautiful Pictures!

  10. The photos are lovely. The fatsia and hydrangeas look amazing, and, seeing your abutilon now, I'm kicking myself I didn't pick up a pretty variegated one a few months back when I saw it.

  11. I can't believe you still have petals on your hydrangea....the japonica blooms look like clusters of tiny stars.

  12. I just love the Hydrangea blooms as they fade in the fall...those wonderful, muted colors are so amazing.

  13. MulchMaid, interesting...I would say yes to your idea of the sun changing the bloom time except this year I planted another in the shade and it too is busting out with the blooms. Is yours in a place where you can watch the insects loving it? Yesterday I actually even watched a hummingbird go after it

    Christine, thank you!

    Three on Grove, the Hydrangea got off to a late start this year...usually by now it would be nothing but faded pink/white blooms. I think having Chinese Lanterns in the garden would be wonderful!

    Louis, well put.

    ricki, yes this weekend does look to be might chilly! Look at this predicted low for Sunday: http://www.kptv.com/category/214284/7-day-forecast = 25 degrees!!!

    Hoover, I have seen a few biggies around town but none at 30ft tall and wide! When they get tall around here (maybe 20ft?) they also seem to be quite narrow (8ft?). I am so bad at guesstimating things like that though...

    David, I'm in good company then!

    James, when I stopped at Trader Joes yesterday I couldn't help but grab one of their $5.99 bouquets with pink Protea. Of course it's all your fault!

    Nat, there you go again with that "seed" business! How large is the plant? I think mines been blooming pretty reliably for years.

    Marisa, funny you should mention a variegated Abutilon...I saw one on a 50% off rack yesterday and thought long and hard about it. Not reliably hardy around there though.

    Darla, you are right! Little solar systems with planets and when you look close...stars!

    scott, if you say so. (hehe)...I still wish I had won the Hydrangea lottery and ended up with one of the ones that fades to green. That would have been wonderful!

  14. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! I have several that are lingering in my driveway, awaiting their new home...tomorrow, those babies are going in the ground. I'm inspired! The fatsia japonica is lovely as well. Happy GBBD!


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