Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spying on gardens from the sidewalk…

I find it endlessly fascinating to see what others are doing with their front gardens. Let’s go do a little more spying shall we? It was only because I got a little lost on my way to Mosaic Gardens that I found this front garden gem. Look at those planters! And that tight ground cover… And the wall… Oh ya, I’m loving this one.

This house has a stock tank fortified entry… No getting lost on the way to the front door. Now this is a driveway I wish I could steal, maybe someday we can rip out our stained and cracked old driveway and do this (sorry for the harsh shadows, damn sun!) Here’s the same idea only now it’s a sidewalk. Love it. Although I am not on-board with the bark chunks I do love the gravel and the plantings in this garden. They also have pretty cool front steps! To see some really drool worthy garden spying check out Floradora’s Peeping Gardener, Kelly’s photos are gorgeous and she’s been eyeing some fabulous plants while out and about.


  1. Love the "spying post". Great ideas- I love those metal planters (or they look like metal planters anyway).

  2. I'm with you on the bark chunks, but even if I liked them...can you imagine trying to maintain that crisp line between the gravel and the bark?
    The Texas sock tank has arrived!
    Second-hand voyeurism is the best!

  3. Okay, I'll admit that there is one house where I'm wondering WWTT? The rest are way cool. I love the Mexican Feather grass in the one raised bed. Thanks for keeping that camera busy!

  4. I love to spy on gardens.Regrettably I usually have to go outside my own neighborhood, as the mundane is firmly entrenched here !

  5. That first photo is great! I also like the pathway.

  6. Here I thought you had the one and only famous xeric garden in you area. The illusion has been shattered.

    I really like the stock tanks.

  7. Did I just hear you curse the sun? Better watch it...

  8. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    What a great idea for a post. I have questions about the metal planters -- drainage, watering, etc. I would think the metal gets very hot in summer. I'll have to start walking around the neighborhood with a camera. Thanks!

  9. kacky, they are metal...and fabulous!

    ricki, oh god I didn't even think about the maintenance thing. You're right...that would be a nightmare.

    Grace, I've been totally rethinking feather grass lately (used to hate it) and that photo really captured what I'm loving about it.

    ks, my neighborhood is a mixed bag overall.

    Darla, thanks!

    Bom, wow had I known I might have attempted to keep the illusion alive...ah well.

    Tatyana, cool huh?

    Ian, oh gosh...I hope mother nature wasn't listening.

  10. Well spied, you've got some tasteful looking front gardens there :)

  11. great photos. Do you happen to know what that is they're using for ground cover in the first garden? is it stonecrop? trying to talk my dad into an alternative to his beloved lawn


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