Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-up for July 2011

I love the foliage of my Schefflera taiwaniana more and more every day... The new growth that started our so small and delicate has grown into this large display. I took these pictures earlier in the week, after our brief rainfall…the first in weeks! (.08”) My little Schef has put on new foliage too… For more Foliage Follow-up action visit Pam and her blog Digging, our hostess for this event. And here's a heads-up for all you foliage lovers in the SF Bay area...Portland's own Sean Hogan (of the much blogged about Cistus nursery) will be at Flora Grubb tomorrow. He's giving a talk on "The Art of the Rosette," I'm counting on YOU to go and blog about it.

Info from their website:

How to Design with Gorgeous Rosette Succulents
Sean Hogan will talk with you about how to use our favorite rosette succulents - like agaves, yuccas, echeverias, bromeliads - in making beautiful gardens. One of the premier plant explorers in North America, Sean will also be giving a sneak peek of cool new succulent rosette plants he's propagating at his astonishing nursery in Portland.

We ask that you RSVP so that we can gauge how many people will be coming - but there is no assigned seating and the event is open to anyone who would like to come along. Best to arrive by 10:30.

Sunday, July 17, 2011: 11am - 12pm, at Flora Grubb Gardens (free)


  1. My schefflera is living in a pot in my bathtub right now - it surely wouldn't survive our winters outside. Cheerful thing, it is. I got a start from my grandmother's plant, which would regularly grow all the way up to the ceiling. Those palmate leaves are very nice and remind me of my hellebores.

  2. I love that plant. You've obviously found just the right place for it. Just gorgeous.

  3. I love that Schefflera taiwaniana. Do you know where I can get my hands on one? I can't seem to find it at any of my usual stores.

  4. Very much enjoyed your foliage/bloom day posts! I've asked MB Maher up in SF to please attend Sean's talk at Flora's, but he had some silly excuse like having to take photos at someone's wedding. Bah!

  5. That Schefflera sure is looking good - I can see why you like it. Does it survive your winters in the ground?

  6. I'm going to have to try a Shef out, I thought I had one ,once upon a time, before the big freezes !!. But no. it was Arisaema taiwanease . Expensive and now dead,
    Is it in a protected area ?
    I did have a 'Woodlander" , I made the mistake of planting it in my very exposed front garden.Then I did the same thing Again ! crazy!

  7. Ooh, that Schefflera is lovely indeed. And I will be seeing it in person in just a few days (airline gods willing)!

  8. That graceful Schefflera is reminiscent of Syneilesis...or is it the other way around? It looks striking against your newly-painted siding!

  9. VW, my mom had (has?) one of the Schefflera like your grandmothers. Aren't they great? I was very surprised when I learned of a hardy (for us here in Zone 8) outdoor variety!

    Grace, I hope so! (winter will be the true test).

    ricki, as I type right now there are even more falling from the sky. Wierd. This is not the July I want!

    Derek, my baby Schef was a gift from Sean at Cisus, so they'll be selling them soon I'm sure. I found the big one on a fluke, it was a Monrovia maybe check with your local nurseries that sell from Monrovia? Last I heard they were promising wide release late this summer and early next spring.

    Denise, priorities! Where are his priorities?

    RBell, it is supposed to. I've seen them in two locations that did survive last winter. Fingers crossed for mine.

    linda, my Schef is up against the west facing wall of our house. The best spot I could come up with. One of my 'woodlanders' is in my very exposed front garden...must not be as exposed as yours.

    Pam, looks like if the airline gods are willing you might be seeing it as pictured (with the raindrops).

    MulchMaid, I agree (Syneilesis reminiscent)...and I am still shocked when I see a picture of the new house color...silly huh?

  10. A lovely plant. Monrovia is going to be selling it, or already is. Do let us know if you find that seminar was blogged by someone...would have loved to have been there!

  11. Schefflera taiwaniana, definitely up there as one of the most beautiful foliage plants for the garden :)


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