Monday, March 14, 2011

Structure - exposed

I’ve really been enjoying the structure of bare, leafless, trees this winter. All my life I’d hated the sight of them. There was no beauty there for me only death, and cold grey winter. I wanted to see leaves! I grew up with very few hardy evergreens. EVERTYHING went dormant or disappeared for 7 months of the year in my hometown; well except for the lowly Conifer (and yes I’m beginning to finally outgrow the idea that all Confers are bad). With spring arriving any day now (please god) my days of enjoying the naked structure of trees are numbered; I figured I’d better take a few pictures while I could still enjoy every branch, and a bonus…surprise peeks at living quarters of little creatures. And of course bare branches are perfect to showcase tiny spring flowers. Furry buds. And crows. While I was out snapping photos another bare structure that caught my eye. I included this picture in a post last September: Ivy like that growing on a house makes me think two things…
1. Isn’t that going to damage the house?
2. Spiders crawling in the window.

When I walked by last week I saw this: What an amazing structure created to support the ivy!


  1. You have exposed some mighty fine structure in this post...that first photo, especially.
    I lived in a house covered in ivy like that once, and you're right: spiders! and those little rootlet grabby things work their way between bricks or siding with disasterous results. Pretty, tho.

  2. Wow that is quite a structure for the ivy. I bet they have to cut it back annually to keep it from swallowing the house. [I speak from experience!]

    Love the gnarly structure on that first photo.

  3. ricki, "those little rootlet grabby things" I always knew there must be a technical term for those things...thank you!

    Grace, I'm sure you're right. As evidenced in the picture with it crawling across the roof.

  4. There are very few things I enjoy about winter, very few, but one is seeing the silhouettes of bare trees against a setting winter sun. Though as much as I like to stare at such scenes, it is not worth the cold weather.


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