Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloomday October 15

It’s October and grass blooms are stealing the show in the danger garden, along with a few hold outs like the Sedum, Canna musifolia, Acanthus, Kniphofia and the everlasting gobstopper….Eucomis.
Happy October Bloomday everyone!


  1. Mmmm, that black grass seedhead is yummy! Aren't the grasses wonderful this time of year? I want my acanthus to bloom, but it's not happening. And how did you luck out with sun to take the picture of your beautiful canna musifolia?

  2. You are right, the Eucomis is a show stealer. The kniphofia is an eye catcher, too. Great show.

  3. Gorgeous! Loree, do you have any overhead shots of your garden, from either the roof or a ladder? I'd love to see the whole scheme. I'm particularly interested in how your beds are laid out around your house.

  4. beautiful blooms! I like the contrast in the last photo. The grass you have in the first photo is my fave. I'm always on the lookout for this grass in my neighborhood on my fall drives.

  5. Perfect illustration of the fact that one can never have too many grasses. And that last shot is a doozy...wonderful composition!

  6. Grasses are my favorite. It was a damn shame that I suddenly found myself without any true grasses last year, but I've been busy correcting that this fall planting season.

  7. DG~~ I love every single photo. It was nice to get a peak behind the subject to see your gardens. More, please!! The last photo is my favorite and is award-worthy, seriously. The juxtaposing of form and texture and the color echoing are nothing short of genius!

  8. Jane, my acanthus has finally had babies and its the babies that are blooming now. There may have been just a bit of bloomday cheating going on with a couple of photos...I couldn't resist sharing them, but they weren't technically taken on bloomday proper. Don't tell!

    NellJean, thank you!

    Pam, I don't have pictures like you ask about, but I can try to get them sometime. All next week I am doing "then and now" posts which will give you a little better idea of the layout. A drawn map seems like a nice winter project too!

    Wendy, thank you! I do love the zebra grass too, so elegant.

    ricki, you know I realized when I took these pictures that I actually have less grass now than I ever have. Odd...

    Megan, nice to have a planting goal in the fall. Can't wait to see which ones you add!

    Grace, thank you for the kind words...I'm blushing!


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