Thursday, March 26, 2009

The First Cut

Am I the only person who really enjoys mowing the lawn? Always have, even when I had a lawn 10 times the size of my current lawn. Maybe the secret is that I have always used a reel mower (or should that be real?) you know, the old fashioned kind. You get to slow down, smell and hear what you are doing, and get a little exercise. You can even hear the birds while you are mowing! I love it.

Tonight was my first mow of the season and my first mow since we adopted Lila, our pug. Since she has a fatal attraction to everything that might potentially maim or kill her, she stayed inside until the mower went away. Once I broke out the edger she came out to play. I think she may be in a pug witness-protection-program as every time I turned the camera on her, she would look away. I wish I could show her rolling in the grass in joy, or crouching like a tiger ready to pounce - but I was having too much fun with her at those times to go get the camera.


  1. Blessed are those who edge their stepping stones, for they shall truly be delighted.


  2. Love your serenely set large pavers! Its such a clean look, especially with those neat edges.

    I want to use a reel mower, too.
    Any tips for choosing/using one?


  3. Thanks Elvis! I really think it's an individual thing - I can't imagine purchasing one online, although many people do. I wanted to see it in person and take it for a "test drive" in the store. I started with an old mower that my father bought for me years ago, this is my second. It's much lighter and easier to maneuver. The grass catcher is usually an add on and for me very worth the extra $. You do want a model with as many blades as possible and make sure the height of the blades is adjustable.


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