Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colocasia - Elephant Ear

Another favorite plant of mine and one I am wondering about its chances for return this year. It should be hardy, but since I can't imagine the garden with out it, and it's cheaper to buy the bulbs now rather than plants later, I picked up a bag of 5 last weekend. If these return, then I'll just have to find another spot in the danger garden for 5 new plants! Darn.


  1. ooh, I think you'll have to direct me to where to pick up a few bulbs for our yard! Mike will LOVE them!

  2. Well design kamper I hate to admit it but I was at a "big box store" Lowes. They had a pretty good inventory left! Buy them - you won't regret it!

  3. Hello! I'm interested in growing colocasia in my Portland, Oregon yard, and I'm curious if you did anything special to overwinter your colocasia? Did you plant yours from bulb initially?

    Thank you

    1. As I recall I bought the ones in the photo already growing, as a plant. I have never had a colocasia return in the ground after winter. They have to be pulled and overwintered in a frost free location or replanted every year.

    2. Hmmm... I saw a post of yours from 2009 and it appeared they returned after winter. Maybe I'm confused?

      See your comment at the bottom of this page: https://gardeninggonewild.com/ggw-plant-pick-of-the-month-colocasia/

    3. After reading your post again, it sounds like you suspected it was a colocasia returning after winter, but you were not certain at the time. I guess now I know it did not return. :) Thank you for taking the time to help. Oh, and you have an incredible blog. Very useful for a novice green thumb like myself.


    4. danger gardenApril 08, 2020
      Truth be told you may be on to something, after all that was a few (11!) years ago. I don't remember any returning, but maybe I got lucky with a mild winter and that one did? Our winters can be all over the place as far as how cold and wet they are. Here's a cheap way to get several. Uwajimaya (or probably any Asian grocery store) sells taro root by the pound in the produce department. Buy a bag full, plant them, and you'll have big leaves all over your garden!


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