Wednesday, November 1, 2023

I finally got to visit Terrain, during the Philly Fling

Terrain stores have always been just beyond my reach. For years I lived 3 blocks from an Urban Outfitters, and there's an Anthropologie less than 6 miles from my house, but Terrain (the part of the company with "Vibrant Garden Essentials") had always been a "back East" thing, well until they opened a couple outlets in California. But still, not exactly convenient to my location. So you can imagine how excited I was when I realized the Philly Fling was finally going to be my opportunity!

I misread the Fling itinerary and thought only half of the attendees (one of the two buses) would be stopping at Terrain, so since Andrew and I were there early I made a stop pre-Fling, which meant I had even more time to check out the offerings and the surroundings with two visits.

They do autumn well here!

I wonder what the store is like in spring? Or high summer? Christmas must be magical...

Inspiring, but mostly not real.

These candles were fabulous...

But pricey at $28/$38/$68.

Please don't hate me when I say I'm completely over and done with the succulents on / in a pumpkin / gourd thing. Done! Please make it stop.

These tiny planters were near the checkout, I was shocked to see my #1 weed (brown oxalis) being sold here.

This however, a fun new-to-me discovery, Ficus pumila 'Quercifolia'...

Aka mini oak leaf fig. I bought one!

Check out that massive tree! Sadly I can't tell you what it is.

More fun with pumpkins and gourds.

There's an onsite restaurant, this is part of their outdoor seating area.

The oft-photographed wall of planted funnels.

I believe the funnels are replanted each season.

Selfie wall?

Wait what? You can camp at Terrain? Well not really.

They had several "glamping" style tents set-up.

Turns out they were used for COVID dining and are now rented out for events.

The ground was littered with cool tree droppings.
I have no idea what they were, but they were used in some of the arrangements for sale in the shop.

Walking back into the nursery area...

Yep, that yellow tag on the 4" pot of opuntia does say $32.

And this 8" pot of Agave 'Rum Runner' was marked $178.

Variegated Pyrrosia lingua were only $22.

These 5" Cryptanthus 'Red Baron' were $42.

Curated style does not come cheap...

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  1. Yowza, those prices! I never consider buying plants here because, well, Texas, so I only look at decor. Happily it comes in all price points and does not die when it's 108F outside for 3 months. ;)

    1. The plant I bought is a houseplant so no concerns about temperatures, and it wasn't a ridiculous price! There's a lot of inspiration to be had here, I wish I could visit regularly.

  2. I didn't know Anthropologie and Terrain were related but perhaps I should have - they definitely have a similar vibe. I've shopped Anthropologie in the past but never purchased anything because I felt most things were overpriced. I had a similar reaction when I checked out Terrain online. I just scanned some of Terrain's "new" plants and saw a Dutch Iris tiger mix I bought locally for $12 or $13 offered for $20 (not including shipping). But it's a useful site for collecting ideas!

    1. I have to admit I've spent very little (if any) time on their website, I think I need to check it out...

  3. Oh my goodness...thank you so much for sharing these photos! I LOVED Terrain, but I didn't take any photos there. I'd never been there before either, and I loved just about everything there. The prices were steep, but it was such a joy to simply window shop (I couldn't take much on the plane, anyway). Thanks for the reminder; I think I'll look at the "sale" items on their website.

    1. My visit on dry sunny Thursday was much more photographic than the rainy windy Saturday stop, so I can understand why photos weren't on your agenda.

  4. Glad you finally got to visit Terrain. What a cool place to visit and shop. However, you are correct in 'curated style does come with a price'. Love their barn pumpkin wall. It's probably the most creative use of pumpkins I have seen.

  5. Beautiful spot - lots of attention to detail - very "curated". That doesn't come free. I wonder if anyone has actually paid $178 for an Agave "Rum Runner" ?! I've got a few just sitting around at the nursery.

  6. I believe those little things are hop cones. We grow hops and they get everywhere!

  7. Oh my-- this is a gorgeous space and grounds. Interesting, when I visualized Terrain in my head, it was completely different. Probably because the aesthetic of their website is so different. But I love the reality I've seen in these Fling posts much better. :)

  8. Silvery, weathered wood makes the best backdrop. Lots of inspiration for things to try at home.


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