Monday, November 6, 2023

Gilded with moss

I wish I could remember where I read something described as being "gilded with moss." It's a great phrase don't you think? It's stuck with me, and I'm thinking of it more and as it is the season when the moss returns and my world is once again gilded with moss...

As the trees are loosing their leaves and perennials are dying back (Podophyllum pleianthum shown here) the green of moss is most welcome.

Of course it's also the season of the mushroom, I found these characters on a mossy piece of wood I had by some ferns.

Such detail.

My new seasonal hanging containers on the front of the garage (the ceramic planters are in the house now, to protect them from a freeze) got a mulch of mossy bits.

A weekend outing to Three Bears Recreation Site on the Mollala River resulted in many moss and mushroom photos, no bear sightings though. I think this thin fungus is Xylaria hypoxylon, candlesnuff fungus.

Oh! That frilly edge, the veins, and those two dots...

Who designs these things!?

Yes, I want to hug these mossy branches.

This arrangement reminds me of the wall panels I saw at Terrain last month, only better because they're nature made.

Teeny tiny.

The river is why we were there, Andrew was fishing upstream while I explored.

This one was my favorite mushroom of the day.

Side shot...

Oh but the moss, what a show...

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  1. I adore the delicate white mushrooms in your 5th and 6th photos. I imagine that both mushrooms and moss appreciate the atmospheric river that reached into the PNW. I expect it's going to be months yet before I see any moss, much less mushrooms. There's currently a slim chance or rain some 10 days out but it sounds like it could be January before El Nino has an effect on our weather.

    1. I'm glad something enjoyed the atmospheric river as I most certainly did not...

  2. I am just drooling at all this moss and mushrooms. Many more interesting mushrooms than I typically see and the drought and lack of rain have really limited my moss as well. What a great place to spend time.

    1. I feel so lucky to be a short drive away from places like Three Bears.

  3. I love your question, "Who designs these things!?" Mother Nature is phenomenal.

  4. The first mushroom, one of my favorites, is a species of Marasmiellus (aka the parachute fungus). You found some other fungal treasures too, though I won't venture a guess on what they are.

  5. Gorgeous photos of the moss and the mushrooms. They really are Nature's miracles. Such delicate fruiting bodies overly strong mycelium. Very cool. I do love your outdoor container. I have some nice pieces of wood with lots of lichen that I thought would look great in an outdoor Christmas arrangement.

  6. I have always been intrigued with moss and lichens. Maybe because they have never grown where I have lived? These photos make me smile!

  7. It's definitely moss and mushroom season, which I hope makes the loss of summer a little easier for your. Excellent close ups!

    1. Hmmm, interesting. No. I think I'd take summer back if I could!


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