Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia...

While exploring the John Fairey Garden with Pam Penick last October, I was delighted to come across these colorful Marcia Donahue sculptures.

Marcia's bamboo poles are often done in more somber, earthy tones. This colorful installation was a welcome contrast to what I've seen in other gardens.

The bamboo shapes can also start to take on an entirely different form... depending on your outlook.

If by chance the name Marcia Donahue is new to you, you'll definitely want to check out the two posts on my visits to her Berkeley garden; 2014's visit is here, and 2018's is here.

For fun I thought I'd also include these photos of Marcia's work in Jana Olson's Berkeley garden, I toured back in 2018 (full post here). Some of the pieces are similar in shape to the ones at the John Fairey Garden, but these are the earthy tones I mentioned...

Jana inherited the cracked and crumbling retaining wall—the work of a previous homeowner.

Rather than demolish it and pay to have it hauled away, she turned it into a garden feature. In her words: "I was thinking since we live in earthquake country, why not emphasize it?  (Although I think the wall is collapsing do to soil movement and lack of footing).  Anyway, it sat there for many years in its crooked state before I decided to embellish it..."

And embellish it she did...

Of course it helps to have artist Marcia Donahue as a friend.

Marcia's work definitely adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the installation.

As do the plants Jana chose, I believe this Agave vilmoriniana?
From above, looking down.
Love it or hate it you've got to agree Marcia's work is an excellent addition...

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(Wondering about the title of this post? Were you a Brady Bunch watcher back in the day?)


  1. I appreciate the way so many of Marcia Donahue's art works usually "fit" their garden settings. A little added color doesn't hurt.

  2. I need friends who are artists to help embellish my garden. This is definitely a great garden, but Marcia's garden...Oh wow!

  3. The treatment of that crumbling old wall is a great idea! I love how the urns are kind of captured in motion as they tumble forth. The bamboo art is fun too, and I love those little painted gourds, or whatever they are. Or ARE they painted? I suppose they could be ceramic... Either way, very cool!

  4. "...bamboo shapes... take on an entirely different form..." ahem.


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