Friday, February 4, 2022

The Kuzma/Halme Hummingbird Garden, 2021 visit

You didn't think a year was going to go by without my visiting and writing about the the Kuzma/Halme Hummingbird Garden, did you?  

Last September Andrew and I had the pleasure of joining Sean Hogan and Preston Pew for dinner—cioppino!—in John and Kathleen's garden. Things got started out front, where a small cocktail table had been set up and sparkling wine was served. So often the front garden (any front garden) is treated as a pass-thru space. The opportunity to linger and admire the plants was appreciated.

The arctostaphylos in the front garden have undergone a thoughtful pruning. I believe Preston played a part in that.

The Yucca rostrata are looking so lush.

I'm not sure of the ID on this abutilon but it's such a soft orange, I just might need to add it to my garden.

When we did make our way around to the back garden I was thrilled to see their new gate had been installed.

The garden had that late summer "jungle" vibe...

Passiflora 'Fata Confetto' 

Cannas in the water feature.

The Leucadendron argenteum (Silver Tree) was a sight to see, almost outshining that fabulous Agave ovatifolia.

Of course a thorough garden walk-about preceded dinner. Are John and Sean talking about the leucadendron, or something else?

Another A. ovatifolia... I remember thinking this one was fixing to bloom last year or the year before—because of it's slightly "pinched" appearance. Clearly I was wrong.

Passiflora vitifolia 'Scarlet Flame', I believe.

Melianthus major 'Purple Haze' 

Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' blooming on the left, on the right I believe that's a pomegranate.

The alocasia clearly enjoyed the hot summer we had.

Yucca schottii backed by blooms of Caesalpinia gilliesii (now Erythrostemon gilliesii).

A bloom close-up...
The thin vertical rocks of the crevice garden—once so prominent—are now almost completely hidden by large agaves.

This Agave 'Blue Glow' hasn't bloomed, but it's forming pups within it's leaves.

Positively dreamy, don't you think?

Tomatoes and matching blooms in the small veggie garden.

A fabulously overgrown tunnel leads back to where the table was ready for dinner.

A little sky shows thru the plant-magic.

We end with the green-on-green foliage of a variegated Daphniphyllum.

For last year's visit to this favorite garden here's Part One, and here's Part Two.

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  1. The Yucca rostrata up your way always make me jealous - mine, originally received in a 4-inch pot, moved from a large pot into the ground over a year ago but it's still puny. The pupping Agave 'Blue Glow' was a revelation! I wonder what caused that to happen?

    1. Yucca rostrata in 4" pots don't do much up here either. Ya gotta start bigger! I think the 'Blue Glow' may have gotten some winter damage?

  2. A lush and beautiful garden, their plant combinations are evidence of an artistic eye. Everywhere one looks is a treat!

  3. That's all just pure magic. How in the world do they grow Leucadendron argenteum in our climate? It's amazing. Great photos as always, Loree. Clearly this garden suffered little from Heat Dome. Stunning.

    1. A winter cover is built around that silver tree, complete with heat.

  4. Cioppino AND a fabulous garden?! What a night! So good to see this garden mature. I don't think "zonal denial" begins to describe what this garden is up to because so many of the anchor plants are astute hardy choices. Architectural, textural, strong color, lush. And now I'm rethinking bringing my elephant ears north! Second-to-last photo, I'm guessing that's a metapanax towering over the two palms...

    1. Don't forget the great wine and conversation! Actually, I believe the plant you reference is a Schefflera taiwaniana.

  5. I revisited last year's post(s) for comparison. It's amazing how much the crevice garden plants had grown! Although they almost obscuring the structure, Agave ovatifolia looks very impressive with the multitude of bright red blooms around it. I also admired the variegated Agave americana, beautifuly positioned in front of the arctostaphylos. Wow.
    Any hummingbirds?

    1. It was dusk and I don't remember any hummingbirds this visit, however in the past visits they've been out and about.

  6. You have some amazing gardening friends. A real treat to get a peak into this beautiful garden.


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