Monday, February 1, 2021

August morning in the Hummingbird Garden—Part I

Here we are, another year gone by and we're back at the Kuzma/Halme garden which now goes by the name of the Hummingbird Garden. It was August—you may have picked that up in the title. A beautiful morning.

We start the tour in the front garden, of course.

While the blue sky adds a welcome cheery background, I do realize the photos suffer from more intense shadows, c'est la vie...what can you do!?

A more shady corner.

Begonia grandis I believe? I have seriously considered tucking in a few of these in my own garden, but I've been told they're so late to emerge that I'd probably end up putting a shovel through the dormant tubers.

Fern and rhododendron and fatsia, oh my!

Back near the entrance, on the right hand side.

Such an expressive agave! Agave americana 'Yellow Ribbons' I believe.

Agave (parryi?) and Nolina hibernica 'La Siberica'

And another Nolina hibernica 'La Siberica'

Grevillea victoriae, I presume.

Eryngium maritimum

At the far side of the front garden I found myself transfixed by these acorns.

Lithocarpus densiflorus var. echinoides (so reports Sean)

Headed into the back garden now I had to stop and photograph the yard waste container. Have you ever seen a better looking bunch of things headed to the curb?

Sigh... as many times as I've visited (10 years in a row now) my heart still skips a beat when I step into the back garden.


Lush and lovely...

Looking out across the garden, along the back side of the house. 

Container grown brugmansia...

Passiflora 'Fata Confetto'

The brugmansia visible on the left.

And the canna growing in the pond...

Behind the pond...

And here is where we end for today. Tomorrow we turn to out right and look at the plantings along the back of the house.
Weather Diary, Jan 31: Hi 51, Low 44/ Precip .08 

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  1. Any garden with a big empty pot wins my heart. I dream about growing one of those gorgeous Rhodies you can grow in your area. Such fabulous foliage. I am growing that Begonia and it does not get big and dramatic until fairly late. But it starts coming up slowly early enough that you should be able to see where it is (if I am remembering correctly from last summer!).

    1. I remember discovering that begonia touring the gardens in the Capitol-area Fling. Huge lovely plants. Maybe I will try it after all, thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Kind of odd about the double photo.
    It is amazing when you find a garden that makes your heart go aflutter, no matter how many visits you make. The two Arctostaphylos, standing in as the welcoming committee, are outstanding; it's a joy seeing it twice.

    1. Yes indeed, it was totally bizarre but I think I've got it fixed now. Glad you enjoyed the (brief, hopefully) double play!

  3. I always enjoy seeing this garden. And it always makes be think about adding a pond like that - until I consider the raccoons. Do they have something in place to keep critters from running amok?

    1. Not that I am aware of. Darn critters! You've reminded me that I really need to decide what to go about my stock tank pond this summer...

  4. Always a pleasure to see this garden, so many great plants. Those Yucca rostrata are fab!

  5. So beautiful. I would visit regularly too. Now you need to get some photos of the namesake hummingbirds.

  6. I shouldn't be surprised, but everything seems bigger!

  7. I didn’t know Cannas could grow in water. We even have them here in Phoenix but they don’t look as happy as those orange ones!


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