Monday, February 14, 2022

A trip to Seattle (for the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival) means new plants...

Last Wednesday we made the trek up to Seattle for the 2022 NWFG Festival, returning just last night. To be honest the trip felt like a bit of a step backwards to where we left off in 2020 when suddenly everything went on pause for COVID—as though we had to go back, to go forward. I had the honor of speaking at the show, which was a great experience. But today, we're talking about the plants I brought home. First up a photo from last September's visit to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. Rhododendron williamsianum...
I mentioned back then that it was hard to leave behind, and so on this visit—I made a very quick stop on our way up to Seattle—I grabbed one. Here's an attempt at an arty shot of that fabulous foliage sitting on the windowsill of our hotel room...

At the show I was happy to see Andy and his orchids made a return.

Putting my money behind that sentiment I bought a few plants. Here's another arty hotel shot...

The line up, along with a huge clump of Tillandsia usneoides.

The Bulbophyllum saurocephalum was purchased to replace a plant (also from Andy's) that I lost in last summer's heat wave/broken ankle fiasco.

I also fell hard for a couple of ferns-on-a-stick, an Elaphoglossum sp.

And Microgramma vaccinifolia.

Another shot of the pair...

All three again, because I was having fun.

This little cutie was a great surprise! I finally got to meet a long time blog reader, Chava, when she came to one of the talks I gave at the show—and she brought me a start of her fuzzy Saxifraga dentata! I didn't get a great shot, but at least you can see the hairs. Pretty cool, right?

Post-show plant shopping took me to Swanson's Nursery, where I was happy to discover a sale in progress. 

Put an unusual pyrrosia on the table at 25% off and you know what's going to happen.

It came home with me...

Another nursery stop and I spotted this sausage vine at a great price, perhaps this one will take? 

The last one (Dan Hinkley's Holboellia coriacea 'Cathedral Gem') didn't do so well. I am trying to get this vine established on the back fence.

Finally, an unexpected windfall of tillandsia came from my friend Matt who is a tillandsia growing wizard (I came home with plants from him before, back in 2020). These are all pups from his plants. He could tell you their names and where they are from (in the wild) but I am no good at keeping tillandsia straight so I didn't record that info.

I just admire them for their unique beauty.

And hope that I can keep them looking as fabulous as they do now.

That's my plant haul from Seattle! I'll file another report from the show soon-ish.

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  1. An enviable tillandsia score, especially since the darker ones are naturally tinted rather than sprayed... I was fooled once.
    A reminder that when you visit Swanson's, my garden is minutes away and you are always welcome.

    1. I too was fooled the first time I saw the sprayed ones. I couldn't believe someone would actually do that! Thanks for the reminder about your garden location, I completely forgot. That makes 3 gardens near Swansons that I would like to visit! (next time...)

  2. I'd have been shocked if you'd come home without any plants but you really scored on this trip! It sounds like you had fun from start to finish.

  3. I am filled with envy. Such cool plants!

  4. Fun times... just like the 'old' days!

  5. Ferns on sticks!?? I am in awe and a little jealous.

    1. They dry out so fast! It's going to be a challenge.

  6. Quite the haul. How did your talk go and how was the show? Based on the current climate I wondered what the attendance of patrons and vendors would be like. Look forward to hearing about your expereinces.

    1. My talks went well. The show was better attended than I thought it would be, crowded even at times. All of the better vendors were there, which was wonderful. The display gardens lacked the creative magic of prior years...

  7. Your haul is impressive and intriguing. 3/4 of the plants you got are completely unknown to me. I love discovering new plants here and on other blogs!


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