Friday, August 7, 2020

Bromeliad blooms...

In addition to unexpected epiphyllum blooms, I also have several bromeliads sending up their bloom-spikes. This one (NOID) was the first, starting a couple of months ago.

Then in late July my Billbergia nutans 'Variegata' bloomed.

This looks like a bloom in the making, but so far there's nothing bloom-like in the cup (NOID on this one too).

Billbergia 'Hallelujah' was the next to join in.

The plant never did regain it's fantastic purple coloration after a few (llooonnnnggggg) months in the basement.

I'm quite sad to see this dark leafed beauty (another NOID) sending up a bloom, a bloom which was damn hard to photograph by the way.

I pray she throws out a baby or two before passing on, as I love the coloration on these leaves.

This one came to me as Nidularium procerum cv. Stripes.

It's bloom is subtle, which is kinda lovely since bromeliad blooms are usually quite flashy.

The whole plant.

Another angle, with its nextdoor neighbor fern and cryptanthus.

Finally another NOID, this one is a three-sided plant hanging in my Metapanax delavayi. These two plants are regularly visible...

But when I turned it to make sure I got water in the third plant's cup I got a surprise.

I have a nagging little voice saying these bromeliad blooms are not blooms of happiness, but rather blooms that say "I'm me..."... 

A note about photos; the "new" Blogger platform has made additional changes to the way photos are uploaded and displayed. For some reason some photos are showing as horribly stretched and deformed on mobile devices, I have no idea why, or how to fix it. Hopefully a solution will present itself, in the mean time I just wanted to let you know I am aware of it.

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Weather Diary, Aug 6: Hi 74, Low 58/ Precip .19" 

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  1. I didn't realize that a bloom from a brom is a death knell.
    Crazy things happening to Blogger photos.

    1. There are usually pups to carry on, so it's not a complete loss and the main plant can take a long time to die, I have one that bloomed several years ago and is just finally looking so bad that I cut it back.

  2. Great flowers. Thanks for showing those. The electric colors of Billbergias don't even seem real--even tho I know they are.

    That's my only serious issue with the "new" blogger--it's doing weird things with the photos I work so hard on.

    1. I'm trying to upload a video and it'a not working. This upgrade seems like it was rolled out before it was completely tested.

  3. You may not be able to plant bromeliads in the ground and leave them there but your plants look a whole lot better than mine do spending their entire lives outside!

    1. But I've seen your plants and they looked fabulous!

  4. A while ago, it was pointed out to me that Tillandsia and Bromeliads are related. After discovering microscopic bloom on my Spanish moss, I can now see the similarities with Billbergia blooms, although on a wholly different scale. The purple coloration of Billbergia 'Hallelujah' seem to have concentrated in the flowers...
    I'm happy to report that all photos look great on my iMac monitor.

    1. Yep, tillandsia are in the bromeliad family. And thanks for the photo update! I can't believe how bad the photos are on my iPhone.

  5. I love the curly blue blooms of Billbergia 'Hallelujah' ... and I hope your favorite one pups out!

  6. Your broms look very happy despite their 'flowering pleas'. All the photos in this post were of normal dimensions, no stretching.


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