Monday, May 20, 2019

Agaves in Dundee, Oregon

Today I'm rewinding to May 6th, when I made the trip to Dundee, Oregon, to have lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in years. After lunch we went back to her house and that's when I saw this...

OMG! Cool plants alert, and she just drove right by like it was no big deal. Well, I went back later and snapped a few photos.

This opuntia was not planted recently. There's some history here.

Agave parryi, I believe.


I don't know which to be more impressed with, the massive opuntia or the pristine agaves.

I'm guessing this one is Agave neomexicana...wait a you see what I see?

Look at those center leaves! It looks like it's fixing to bloom!!! Hmm...

That palm's been there awhile too. I really should have knocked on the door and asked questions, but I was due at Argyle Winery for a tour with the ANLD and Sean Hogan so I didn't really have time to chat (that tour will be tomorrow's blog post).

I wish I had an opuntia as impressive as this.

The long view...

Another Agave parryi, with pups.

Lots of pups! Oh and look at that rock (a featherock I believe) with a planting pocket.

This image sort of reminds me of my front garden, once upon a time. I kept the hot-pink rhododendron against our house long past when I'd replaced all the other other plants and could have gotten rid of it.

Okay, so back to that agave that I thought was about to bloom. Later I mentioned the garden to my Dundee friend, Denise, and told her about the agave. She knew exactly what garden I was talking about (turns out she had admired it) and said she'd keep an eye on the agave and send me updates. To refresh (so you don't have to page up). This is what it looked like on May 6th...

I received these next two images from Denise on May 12th...

Can you even believe this? Six days later and it looks like this...

And here's what it looked like on May 18th. Damn. If Denise keeps the updates coming I'll keep sharing them. Heck, I might have to make another drive down to Dundee...

Weather Diary, May 19: Hi 65, Low 51/ Precip .39

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  1. Cool garden. But that Agave spear is the coolest.

  2. At least it's a small one, they are a bear to remove after blooming otherwise. I remember my brother's, not fondly!

    1. Ya I've heard stories, and one Texas blogger shared photos.

  3. I would definitely make another trip down to Dundee, ASAP and then again and again. This is really special!

    1. Maybe one, when it's actually blooming...

  4. That agave spear - yowsa!

  5. How great is that? Definitely worth another trip to Dundee!

  6. I should knock on her door and have her set up a viewing party for when it blooms! I will keep the updates coming, I promise!!

    1. Oh ya, that would be fun. I'll bring the tequila, it's the official drink of Agave blooming parties...

  7. Wow, it's impressive how fast that bloom spikes grows!

  8. Nothing inspires a simultaneous mixture of admiration and dismay as a blooming agave.

  9. WoW ! I wonder if the owner realises that we are all watching their gorgeous Agave bloom ! He he he ! :) Debbie

  10. You may have to drive back to meet the owner. They are so obviously your kind of gardener. Nice that your friend is updating you!

  11. AnonymousMay 23, 2019

    What wonders are tucked away in unexpected places...and you seem to zero in on most of them.


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