Thursday, January 17, 2019

Portland Nursery Houseplant Sale Wrap-up (you've still got a few days to shop!)

The Portland Nursery Houseplant Sale kicked off last Thursday, the 10th.

I hoped to be at the Stark St. location at opening, to grab a Bromeliad I had a crush on. I didn't make it until 9:30, but luckily it was waiting for me. It was fun to watch other shoppers dash in and head for the special treasures they were hoping would still be waiting for them, most were.

Funny the "it" plant of just months ago, Pilea Peperomioides, was setting on the shelf ignored. And they were only $16.99 and 30% off that!

Albuca spiralis 'Frizzle Sizzle'

I assume these are Sansevieria cylindrica.
Polypodium aureum (huge! $32.99)

There were many Cryptanthus, these labeled as C. b 'Ruby'...but they weren't looking very ruby.

No better name than just Cryptanthus on these cuties.

More in another part of the shop, along with a few Tillandsia (also part of the sale).

There weren't any really unusual Bromeliads, but a few that I stopped to admire.

Somebody found the big fiddle leaf fig of their dreams! (it was marked sold)

Containers are 30% off too.

Now we've hopped on over to the Division St. location. Sad cactus! I've heard this advice, about not potting them up in the winter. I'm sure I have though, and don't remember rot. Maybe because I didn't water them?
Selenicereus anthonyanus, I really would have loved to take this guy home, but at $64.99 he stayed.

Big Cryptanthus!

They had a few "Bromeliad trees" for sale, with plants wired to a branch ($149.99)

And pineapples! Ananas comosus...

This photo is deceiving, there were tons of people milling about. I waiting until just the right minute to snap.

Oh you beautiful plant! Ludisia discolor. I had one for years but it gradually declined and is gone. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $28 (sale price) on a plant I might kill again.

Ha! Haven't seen one of these in ages. I had several Dieffenbachia in my dorm-living days.

White rabbit foot fern, Humata tyermannii. Aren't the woolly, creeping rhizomes wonderful?

They had several good-sized staghorn ferns (Platycerium sp.) too, unmounted.

It's a tropical wonderland!

So here's my haul...

Another creeping fig, Ficus pumila. The one I bought last year, and planted outdoors, is still looking good (mild winter!). I think this one will live indoors.

I bought one of the unlabeled Cryptanthus, and this cute little cement pot for it. At only $3.50 the pot is a deal, I might need to go back and get another (or two) before the sale is over.

Here's the Bromeliad I was hoping to score. It's such a bright apple-green color and I love it's branching structure.

I'm not sure what horrific injury it's growing out of, but I'm planning to cut this part off asap.

Yes I bought a staghorn fern! I've never been a fan but this one just spoke to me. I'm going to put keep it in a container, not mount it. Wish me luck!

This Sansevieria trifasciata has a home waiting for it, a pot I have in a low-light area.

And finally I grabbed a pair of Pinguicula (butterwort), they're carnivorous plants that I know nothing about. I'm hoping that book I mentioned in Monday's post (here) will educate me, fast.

If you're in Portland the sale runs through the 23rd of January!

Weather Diary, Jan 16: Hi 46, Low 34/ Precip .15"

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  1. "woolly, creeping rhizomes" isn't something one gets to say very often. Makes me want to reach out and pet it. I went on a Sansevieria binge lately... I'm looking for Sansevieria Cleopatra with the reddish edge leaves.

    1. Yep, I couldn't resist petting those rhizomes. Good luck on your sansevieria hunt.

  2. Have to agree about the wooly comment above. Loved them and also wanted to pet them!

  3. Nice haul! You know, I don't think I've ever seen an indoor plant sale here. Yours provided a great selection. I've found it almost impossible to find Cryptanthus locally and the few I've stumbled upon have been very pricey. There was a large selection of stag horn ferns offered here last year but just as I convinced myself to try one in a pot in my lath house, they disappeared again (except for the large, expensive mounted ones) - another lesson on leaping to buy when you can.

    1. Fingers crossed you soon find the staghorn fern of your dreams.

  4. What? You got a staghorn fern? For yourself? Interesting how plants grow on us sometimes. I'll happily give you a cutting or two of my Selenicereus anthonyanus. They grow pretty quickly.

    1. You are very kind to offer a cutting, I do have two small plants (maybe previous houseplant sale purchases?), but I just LOVED the size and shape of the expensive one.

  5. Very nice finds! I mounted my own staghorn fern last fall, it wasn't difficult to do, but yours will probably be fine left in its pot as well. It IS kind of a pain in the butt to water on its mounting. I used to have a rabbit's foot fern a long time ago. My Ludisia discolor is a couple of years old and is just languishing. I was thinking of bringing it to the swap, it has ceased to thrill me.

    1. I do like the idea of mounted staghorn ferns, I'm just short on wall space!

  6. Yes, I do love the rhizomes on the rabbit foot fern! Looks like a great time/place for plant shopping. Thanks for sharing the highlights.

    1. Rumor has it they got more plants in...I might have to make a return trip!


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