Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 2016 ANLD Garden Tour

Coming up this Saturday, June 18th, is the 12th annual Association of Northwest Landscape Designers garden tour here in the Portland area. I went on a pre-tour last week and wanted to share a few photos to tempt you into going (if you're nearby)...

We started the day at the Wagner garden in Clackamas, Helena Wagner (owner/designer) and her husband Dan have been gardening there since 2003. What was once a "parking lot" is now a lush garden...

With some great plants worked into the mix! (Anigozanthos, aka kangaroo paw)

And Acanthus already in bloom!

Garden number two belongs to Kathy Langeliers, design by Lucy Hardiman and Susan LaTourette. This is a plant lover's garden with no space given over to lawn, although there is a huge deck off the back of the house, perfect for garden entertaining.

I was a little jealous to see her Melianthus major in bloom, since I chopped my plant back early in the spring I sacrificed any blooms that would have been. Looks like she's already prepared for the inevitable flopping that will occur later in the season.

A much asked about plant: Cornus sanguinea 'Compressa'...

Next stop...the personal garden of designer Linda Hannan. There were many fabulous details to absorb in this garden.

I wonder if painting the side of our neighbors garage would have the same effect as this bright stucco wall? Maybe, but stucco seems to lend itself to this treatment better than wood siding does.

The ANLD Tour is a great way to get a sense of the style of each of the featured designers, should you be thinking of hiring one to help with hardscape, a planting design or any major garden project.

The fourth garden we visited on the pre-tour was the work of Bruce Hegna, for home/garden owner Jackie King. The hell-strip plantings started things off on the right note...

And of course I was happy to see a few Agaves on the back deck. I sadly hadn't been keeping track – I think at least one of the earlier gardens was Agave-less (the horror!).

Tall, healthy bamboo is always a lovely sight.

Garden number five (located in Ladd's Addition) belongs to Kristin Ohlson and was the work of Amy Whitworth. I think we were all amazed to learn of the various restrictions in place when designing in this part of town.

The photo above was taken in the front garden, a public – yet private – sitting area. Below is another patio space behind the fence, the work of Jaylene Walter, who seemed to have a hand (quite literally, as she is a construction expert) in a majority of gardens on the tour.

Each garden on the tour included some prominently displayed artwork. When not already in the collection of the home/garden owner pieces were brought in from a featured artist. These went so perfectly with the home, and specifically that curtain, but I think they were part of the work on display from Indio Metal Arts.

Only two more gardens to go! The garden of Bebernes-Gawf is the design of Alyse Lansing, the glass and woodwork of James Merrigan (Garden Art by James) figured large in this garden. Here panels help to screen what used to be a driveway.

I loved this roof extension off the former garage, it creates a dry place to sit on a rainy day.

I meant to go back and look closer at the branches. They look to be from a Manzanita and maybe placed to provide trellis support for growing vines? Or maybe they are simply there for their sculptural beauty?

Next our final stop on the tour, the Mauch home/garden – garden designed by Barbara Hilty.

By this time my camera finger was exhausted, and I snapped only the photo below. Hopefully you've got a sense of all seven gardens, they were each great fun to visit. For more info on the tour (coming up this Saturday, June 18th) visit the ANLD website – tickets are $25 and available at Garden Fever, Portland Nursery, Al's Garden Center (Sherwood location only) and Cornell Farm (NOTE: cash or check only) you can also order online and pick the tickets up at the Wagner Garden. I've got another post to do on this tour...some highly subjective favorites I collected for future inspiration.
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  1. So much to take in there, and the photos are curated already!

    1. And all across the Portland blogosphere!

  2. This is a tour I'd love to go on. So many interesting ideas.

    1. Where is that bullet train when we need it?

  3. Looks like another groovy ANLD tour! Lots of gorgeous shots here and I look forward to seeing your personal faves!

  4. Can't wait to see more. Loved them all, esp. the first one. Wish we had used metal edging on all our gravel paths. Such a graphic effect, though lots of work and a fair amount of $.

    1. The metal edging certainly does give a strong visual break. I really wanted to make the investment when designing our back garden but then the cost was just out of reach and I came up with my brick edging idea as a compromise. Little did I know just how much I would appreciate the ease with which I can change the size/layout of the garden perimeter, something that would have been more difficult with the metal edge.

  5. Beautiful tour- thanks!! Love the Kangaroo Paw!! I like the stucco wall idea. Nice pop of color and nice for the contrast.

    1. I'm thinking a bright orange would be fun in my garden.

  6. Nicely curated overview of the seven gardens.


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