Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini-greenhouses or raised beds? Both!

Driving through La Pine, Oregon, (home base for our Central Oregon outing) in route to a nursery (you’re not surprised are you?) Andrew spotted these mini greenhouses... On top of raised beds… And they are built to open and close with ease! Smart huh? More smarts…they are using water filled milk jugs to slowly water the beds. We later learned that the temperature can fluctuate greatly here, it can be in the 80’s during the day and at night, below freezing. So it makes sense to be able to open and close these covers on a moment’s notice. The water filled jugs shown above also probably help to even out temperature fluctuations. The same complex had a charming and functional rain barrel catchment system. Smart gardening in small town Oregon!


  1. My sister lives in Baker City Oregon and she has all of her warm-season crops under hoop houses. The temps really do fluctuate and she can't depend on it staying above freezing before everything is ready to harvest. I really like the system you have photographed. It's very tidy and looks efficient.

  2. Most impressive, but the pristine condition of everything is almost scary.

  3. Very creative!!... it sure attracts anyone.

  4. That is a clever system, and it looks so nice. I should save milk cartons for my next vacation - stick a small hole in the bottom and let them water a few plants that get missed by the sprinklers. Will have to file that idea away!

  5. That is an amazing idea. I have the little cages with netting over some of my beds. I think I need to give them winter covers too. Unfortunately they won't slide like those you saw.

  6. Darla, someone was using their noggin!

    Grace, "freezing" I hate to think of that! I've got a gazillion tomatoes that I want to harvest ripe, not green!

    ricki, it was rather tidy...and we couldn't find the actual entrance to the complex. Andrew parked next door and I walked through an empty lot to take pictures. Odd.

    B&K, indeed.

    VW, me too, perfect for the tomatoes!

    Lancashire Rose, the sliding really was the best part, so simple to open and close.

  7. Awesome! I want a couple!

  8. AnonymousJune 28, 2014

    I'm thinking that in Texas, they could be shade houses, to shield some plants during the scorching midday sun.

  9. Brilliant! Definitely pinning!

  10. AnonymousJuly 28, 2014

    It's located at a senior living facility. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this now. The plastic has deteriorated and hasn't been replaced the last time I looked. The man who built them has a wonderful garden at his home with lots of ideas incorporated for our short cold season gardening here.

    1. Care to help your friend share his great garden ideas! I really like these greenhouse modules.

  11. Love these! Would like to build some for my science classes. Do you know where I can find a "blue print" or the plans to build these?


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