Monday, May 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-Up…New Foliage Rocks!

So many fabulous new leaves are emerging around the garden this time of year. It’s a foliage lover’s dream. At the top of my list is the Schefflera taiwaniana, it’s new leaves are like little silver stars. Also with a silver shimmer on the new foliage, Callistemon pallidus 'Blue Foliage.’ The old growth (seen at the bottom middle of the picture) has a blue tint to it. A bit past the “new” stage but still gorgeous, Cotinus ‘Royal Purple.’ Fatsia japonica Fatsia polycarpa 'Needham's Lace' The new leaves on Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia look a little bit a glossy Rodgersia. And yes, this vine deserves its bad rep as being invasive. A small piece hitch-hiked in from my parent’s garden (I think with some Sempervivum) and if I wasn’t constantly hacking it back it surely would have taken over. Be careful! Here’s the real Rodgersia, this one Rodgersia pinnata 'Chocolate Wings' Rodgersia rotlaub… Rodgersia tabularis (actually I guess now called Astilboides tabularis)… Fabulous new growth on the Wingthorn rose. The Poncirus trifoliata leaves are pretty hot too! I was afraid I wouldn't like leaves showing up on this plant and ruining it's spiky good looks but they are nice ones. Finally the Acacia pravissima that I left out all winter with no protection. look at that, new growth! And new growth on the large protected container specimen… Happy Foliage Follow-Up! Want more? Visit Pam at Digging, our host for this monthly non-flower celebration.


  1. Virginia creeper is trying to take over my lower garden as we speak. I have to get vicious with it a couple times a year to keep it in check.

    I love your burgundy-chartreuse combos whenever I see them pop up in your pics. That seems like such a delicious northern color combo to these Southern eyes. We just don't have as much burgundy foliage to play with here, and it tends to get washed out by the sun. Silvery greens are more our palette. You always want what you can't have, right?

  2. Like the Rodgersia. I wonder if they would survive our heat in a protected area? Nice post.

  3. I should have guessed you would like Trifoliate Orange! Used to have them all over campus in tough plant, where we can't winter-over Natal Plum...

  4. I hadn't registered that most of my entries were of emerging foliage until I saw your post. Isn't spring just grand?

  5. I think all those Virginia creeper/Boston ivy types are thugs: I have Parthenocissus tricuspidata and its takeover plans are very evident now three years after planting.

    Love the starry new foliage on your Shefflera taiwaniana!

  6. You said it Loree, there is nothing at all like the new foliage of spring. Sometimes flowers pale by comparison. It's like a puppy, or a kitten or brand new book.

  7. The Schefflera taiwaniana reminds me of delicate white gloved lady's hands. I just got mine and can't wait for it to start growing.

  8. Ooo...good to know about the Parthenocissus, I was considering growing some on our new fence...but now think I'll just keep on a walkin'

  9. Pam, I never really thought of that color combo as being anything regional until you mentioned it early on in my blogging "career"'ll be seeing a lot of it this July!

    gregggo, thanks! I say you should just never know and the reward would be oh so worth it!

    DD, oh ya!

    ricki, spring is the best, even wacky ones like this years.

    MulchMaid, I wonder how long it will be until the S. taiwaniana becomes common? And will I still love it as much (hope so).

    ks, "a puppy, a kitten or a brand new book"...that's perfect!

    Mr. Impatiens, yay for you!

    scott, well with a little tough love it really is a great plant...

  10. I bought the most unlikely plant at Lowes the other day. I'm totally in zone denial, and this will not end well.

    It's a Echium fastuosum (Pride of Madeira). It was already showing signs of succumbing to our dry heat and was marked down to $2.50.

    I've potted it up in a somewhat heavy soil, to retain some water for it, and I'm putting in the half shade of my ramada...

    If it only blooms but once... oh, those blooms...

  11. Jenn, an Echium fastuosum at Lowes! Lucky you. Here we have to go to the fancy nurseries to find such a super plant. Good luck!

  12. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Again, you tease me with the fabulous foliage of the Schefflera taiwaniana. I really need to call Swanson's and see if they have this plant.

    How long does the Rodgersia rotlaub keep its yummy brown color?

    Love the leaves on the Fatsia polycarpa 'Needham's Lace'


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