Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gardening with Weeds

Okay I exaggerate, slightly. I mean there are roses…but there are a lot of Cardamine oligosperma (or Bitter Cress or Pop-weed, thanks to the MulchMaid for her post that finally identified this one for me). It’s almost like a groundcover! Can you imagine living downwind from this? Your weeding chores would never be done.


  1. "Can you imagine living downwind from this?"
    Yes, unfortunately I can, and I do: My normally very considerate east neighbors are not gardeners, and are, sadly, blind when it comes to this particular garden faux pas.

  2. So much easier to pull when they're big...

  3. Oh My!

    You know, that's a catchy title...there are days I could almost use for the name of my BLOG! LOL

    David :-)

  4. No, it's Gardening with Wyatt, not Gardening with Weeds!
    We have that weed and the dog...can we have a prize?


  5. I have tons of those little sob's , but they are easy to pull and even easier to smother mulch..if it ever stops raining that is.

    But roses ? These aren't yours are they Loree ?? I know they have thorns and all...

  6. I will certainly let you have all of mine too....drives me to drink!

  7. I spend most of Feb. pulling those out before they bloom! I'm hoping that if I can keep this up for the next 10 years, I might not get anymore of them...but it's wishful thinking. ;)

  8. MulchMaid, yikes...I am sorry to hear that.

    Linda, spoken from experience?

    David, funny I kind of thought that when I wrote it (blog title), I did a quick search but couldn't find one.

    Wyatt, your prize...well, more weeds of course!

    ks, no they are not mine (the weeds...or the roses). I do have the one rose that I bought last fall (wingthorn) but only that one!

    Darla, too funny, I think you're the first one I've heard of weeds driving to drink.

    gina, 10 years!? Oh my.

  9. Fortunately it likes a cool soil and you won't see much of it during the summer months.

  10. Eat it! They're full of nutrients. It's proper food just like dandelions :-)

  11. Thank you for finally putting a name to this scurge plant for me. I did some counting, and the large ones in my garden produce over 1500 seeds, the smallest ones, about 100 seeds. By the time you realize these are a problem, you probably have at least a couple hundred in your yard and lawn. So, even if you are able to wipe out %99 of the 200 pop weeds, that leaves you 2 left, and those 2 have the capability of producing a minimum average of 200 plants! No wonder even professional gardeners are having a hard time with this.

  12. Looks like those roses may have Rose Rosette Virus. Small red leaves, swollen flowering branches.


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