Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Foliage Follow-up

I think the most exciting foliage in my garden right now is the new foliage. After a long grey winter who doesn’t love to see bright green (or red, or orange) new growth?

Back in December when we had record lows for a few nights I hauled my large planter with Horseradish growing in it into the garage, fearing it would freeze and crack if left outside. Then of course I forgot about it! Last week I caught sight of it and was excited to see new leaves peaking out of the gravel! Aren’t they wonderful? Like something you would expect to see underwater in a fish tank.The reverse of new foliage growth is of course dead foliage. I’m glad I didn’t get a chance to cut back my Umbrella Palm, or Cyperus involucratus last fall. The dead leaves have their own beauty.
I’m always a sucker for the foliage of the Sempervivums, their coloring is especially vibrant right now!
The Arum italicum foliage is at its best right now too. I really need to move this plant to an area where I can better appreciate it.
While I was out snapping shots for Bloomday and Foliage Follow up the sky turned dark and opened up. I ran for cover under our shade pavilion, snuggled up close to Mr. Big, my Agave americana variegata. The rain and light reflecting on the patio was beautiful.
Not so beautiful are these “stretch marks” on Mr. Big. I wonder if they are due to our extreme temperatures in December. Frozen moisture causing his tissue to expand? Am I crazy in thinking this might be the case?
On the north end of our patio is a wall of tall Privet, this time of the year there are no leaves…
However there is a small section of the shrub that has this variegation. It is also the only section that didn’t loose its leaves this year.
This is a new addition to the danger garden, purchased at last weekend’s garden show, Yucca rigida, don’t you just love the glowing yellow edges?
I continue to be infatuated with the new frond on my Tree Fern, the little leaves are getting bigger daily!
And finally I wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite foliage gardens, a neighbors. Amazing texture and color don’t you think? Someday I'll ask his permission and do an entire post on his wonderful garden.
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  1. The baby horseradish is neat looking - something different among the regular foliage. I love watching fern fronds grow and unfurl:)

  2. Your horseradish IS very cool! I'm loving that tree fern, too!
    I planted some arum bulbs/rhizomes last fall. Hope they do well.
    I'm betting your neighbor would be flattered if you asked to take some photos.

  3. I agree with the others that the horseradish is seriously cool. It's too bad some plant can't be pickled at a stage of their development so you can enjoy them that way all the time. And so many of the others are winners, too. The yucca, for instance--very nice.

  4. Your neighborhood, as glimpsed from your neighbor's garden, looks so lush and beautiful. Lucky you!

    I'm still marveling over your statement that you snuggled up next to Mr. Big. Careful, there. I just cut freeze-damaged lower leaves off mine last weekend. I like that handsome Arum, and the sempervivums, as always, are awesome. Thanks for joining in, Loree.

  5. That first sempervivum photo is amazing! Sorry about Mr. Big's little skin problem. Wonder what it is? Hope it's only cosmetic and not a sign of something more troubling! Most gardeners are flattered when you want to photo and show off their gardens. Whenever I've asked, the answer has always been yes, so far anyway!

  6. Melody, I kind of wish the horseradish would stay looking like that, but the mature leaves are cool too.

    K & V, he's a nice guy so I should. I just never remember to do it! Good luck with the Arum!

    James, you are so right! If the horseradish leaves stayed like that the slugs would stay away too!

    Pam, I wish the whole neighborhood looked like that, unfortunately not the case. Snuggling with an agave requires a thick skin!

    Karen, Mr Big will be loosing a few bottom leaves when it warms up a but, they have seriously ugly lesions on them! I am just glad he's still alive!

  7. Love the color of those sempervivums and the gleamy edges of your new yucca (after getting all these zone 9 plants recently, yuccas are looking so much more sensible - and beautiful!) Arums are something I've never explored, but seeing yours, it's time to look into them. I hope Mr. Big can get away without losing too much hair.

  8. I've been wanting to try horseradish. I like plants that leaf out early, I try to give them extra real estate in the garden. I have a few vacant pots from my winter losses, maybe that's the new occupant.


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